Signs of desperation

on November 29, 2011

I'm sitting in front of my computer bawling my eyes out. The last few months haven't been easy and it seems to get tougher instead of things settling down. As previously noted I've quit my job as a waitress/Duty Manager and only have 2 more weeks to go. Unfortunately I still haven't found anything new even though there are a few applications out there where I'm still waiting to hear back from people. However, at this stage, I will be unemployed in two weeks.

There are so many things right now that I need to work out, need to organise and sort out. It just doesn't get less. And above all the biggest worry is back - I might have to leave the country. Maybe even sooner than later? I was just told by an immigration advisor that my work visa is actually not valid anymore and I need to apply for something new. Be it for work or as a visitor or whatever.

Now what am I supposed to do? Why are they making it so f*** hard for a trustworthy, honest, reliable and hard-working person to just live their life? Everything could be so much easier. With Matt I know I have found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. We are thinking about getting a place of our own and eventually, in a few years time, starting our own little family. All we want is to be happy. But that won't work if I'm oceans away on the other side of the world.

Where is the damn problem? I'm not going to live on government benefit like probably half of the population especially up here in the north! I've always stood on my own feet and will keep doing so. I might be unemployed soon but I know it won't be for long. Actually my current but soon-to-be ex-boss has shown sign of willingness to keep me employed. Looks like they value a good worker after all. And now that some of the staff has left things seem to be changing for the better.

So should I stay there and at least have a little chance of getting a new work visa instead of taking a risk and pursuing what I actually want to do? And am I already illegal anyway? And what about Matt? Right now I feel like I'm torn into pieces. I neither belong to Germany anymore (and don't want to anyway) nor am I at this stage accepted in New Zealand (though Aotearoa feels like home and I do want to settle here with Matt). What the h*** am I supposed to do? Does anyone have some answers for me?!? Please?!?

Kia ora Mr. Strang!

on November 19, 2011

For those of you who don't use Facebook here's my picture of the day..

That is me with a very special customer I served today who had my heart thumping and me drooling *lol* This is Blair Strang - one of the main actors of my favorite Kiwi TV show Nothing Trivial. It is about a pub quiz team, their lives, dramas and sorrows and everything else life has in stock for you. I absolutely loved it (the first sean just finished a few weeks ago) and can't wait for the second season to start!!!

I served Mr. Strang and his family like any other customer but when I brought over the bill I couldn't resist asking for an autograph and this lovely picture :-) He was more than happy to fulfil my wish and we even had a little talk. Apparently he's been to Germany even before the wall came down!

Thank you Mr. Strang for this unforgetable day =D

What I really wanna do

on November 16, 2011

I've been quite unhappy with my work for a long time now. Being a waitress was alright for a while, but it's not really what I want to do for the rest of my life. Also with sommer coming up I don't want to be spending all my time at work while my friends are having fun at the beach. Especially since I might be kicked out of the country next year and I realyl don't want to go back to Germany telling everybody I haven't seen much of the country because I've been working all the time. After all that was one of the reasons why I left Germany. And now I was making the same mistake allover again? I don't think so. My body has been telling me weeks and weeks and weeks ago that it's had enough of those irregular hours. It wants a break. As does my soul.

I've been talking about a career change for more than half a year now. Ever since working for Pia and Philip as an Au Pair I have realized working with children is what I really want to do. Being a waitress I just never found the energy or the time to actually pursue that career and find out what my options would be.

Well, during my holiday (pictures and more information on how beautiful the South Island is are yet to come) I realized that I really don't just need a break from hospitality. I am OVER IT! I am ready for a change, ready to move on.

So the first thing I did when I went back to work last Friday - I handed in my notice. Now I have about 3 weeks left to find something new. Otherwise I will be unemploeyed by Christmas. It is quite scary - but on the other hand I feel really relieved. All the sudden all those things that have been bothering me at work don't seem that important anymore. Because I know I don't have to endure them for much longer.

And all the sudden I also find the energy to step towards my new career. I have send 5 applications in the last 5 days. Not all for childcare, but at least 9-to-5-jobs with regular hours and a regular payment. Those words sound like heaven on earth in my ears... Also a few opportunities have arisen to get a foot in the door with early childcare. I will keep you posted. And please keep your fingers crossed that I will find a new job before the new year arrives!!!

Save the dog :-)

on November 08, 2011

Just a quick note tonight as my free wifi at the hostel isn't working... Milford Sound yesterday was absolutely stunning!!! I'll write about it when I'm back in Whangarei and can show you some pics. But let me tell you it's one of the most remarkable places I've ever seen...

Today I decided to catch the bus and head into Arrowtown - a former goldmining town with a Chinese settlement. You get there via local transport, it takes about half an hour and costs $16 return. There's pretty much just one main street and everything reminds you of a typical western country town. There's heaps of cafes though and shops to spend your money.

Far cheaper are the walksaround the area. The easiest is called the Centennial Walk and takes you in a loop along the Arrow River. It's very scenic and only takes about an hour but there's a few spots to stop and relax. At one little patch of beach I helped an elderly lady rescue her dog *lol* or should I rather say I saved the lady from getting wet? Her dog had jumped into the river and wouldn't come back out and she'd lost the leash. Not sure how long she'd been standing there and shouting by the time I came along but she looked pretty desperate. So I took off my shoes, rolled up my pants and went into the ice-cold and knee-deep water to grab her dog. You should have seen how relieved she was!

Back in Queenstown I treated myself to a proper meal. Can't live on crackers and apples all the time. Found a pub by the waterfront that had steaks for $10!!! Choice :-) Ran into a nice German girl who was so hungry that she finished my leftovers *lol* ended up spending the evening together and then had a huge ice-cream cone from Patagonia. My tummy will hopefully forgive me. I've sinned quite a lot today foodwise and will probably be sick tomorrow

How to save money in Queenstowm

on November 06, 2011

After having arrived in Queenstown on Friday Matt and I had paid the $25 each to get up on Queenstown Hill via the Gondola. It was worth it but surely you don't want to pay that much money every time you feel like getting a good view over the city. So today after having had a proper sleep in til almost noon I followed the advice of my hostel staff and hiked up the hill.

The guy had told me it was going to be steep - and he didn't exaggerate! It takes about an hour to complete the walk all the way up to the top of the gondola. It's a constant climb in zigzags where you climb over rocks and tree roots. I really had to fight my asthma on this one and of course I have left my asthma spray behind in Whangarei.

But I made it eventually and was able to enjoy the view from above with beautiful sunshine :-) Spent a few hours up there watching people going on the luge or bungee-jumping. You can also go on a flying fox up there or hire a mountain-bike and cycle back down the hill. Heaps of things to do!

Tonight they have a roast lamb dinner at the hostel which you can join for only $8. Tomorrow I'm off to Milford Sound for the day. The hostel staff arranged a special deal for only $145!!! Normally you pay $20 more at least...

New Zealand's West Coast is WILD

on November 05, 2011

Half of my holiday is already over. After spending three days in the bush along New Zealand's West Coast without cellphone coverage or internet connection Matt and I arrived safely in Queenstown yesterday. I don't even know where to begin to tell you about all the fantastic things we've seen along the way! Until now I never really quite believed people going on about how much more amazing the Sth Island is compared to the Nth. But having been here for almost a week I completely understand their admiration. None of the stories have been exaggerated.

I wish I could share some of the hundreds of pics with you I've taken so far but that will have to wait until I'm back in Whangarei next week. In the past four days I've driven approx. 1000km all the way from Christchurch to Queenstown via Arthur's Pass - New Zealand's highest settlement - Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox glacier and through the beautiful wilderness of the Haast.

One of my most memorable moments was spotting a little seal right at Haast Beach
Matt's favorite thing was fishing his way along the West Coast lakes but unfortunately our planned trout dinner didn't happen. He did catch a perch though after only 5mins but since we've both never heard of that fish we let the poor fellow go again.

The only thing spoiling our trip a bit was the weather as it was pouring down most of the time. Especially around Lake Wanaka we were freezing!!! But the coldest ever awaited us yesterday in Queenstown. It was SNOWING!!! And not just a little bit. It was enough for me to show Matt how to make a proper snowman :-) he said that was the second time in his life he's seen snow..
Well I honestly didn't think I'd experience a proper winter in Aotearoa. Especially not in November! Last year this time I was sunbathing at the beach *lol*

Dropped Matt off at the airport this morning feels weird to be alone again and I do miss my travel buddy. But I've started exploring the city on my own already and found a beautiful walk from the airport into town along Lake Wakatipu. More information will follow later accompanied by heaps of pictures :-)

Might drive into Arrowtown tomorrow and depending on how much money I have left I'll book a day trip to Milford Sound for next week. I'll keep you updated...

A city struck by nature's force

on November 01, 2011

Matt and I have safely arrived in Christchurch. Today we set off to explore the city - or at least what's left of it. After the two massive earthquakes this year you can still see signs of destruction everywhere. The entire CBD is fenced off and there's cranes and piles of bricks everywhere. Reading tourist guides for Christchurch doesn't make much sense right now as the major attractions such as the Cathedral aren't accessible. We've taken heaps of pictures while walking walking through what felt a bit like a cemetery. The only beautiful thing was the little river that winds its way through the city. I couldn't believe how clear the water was! Pictures are to follow soon, forgot to take any with my phone to share and my laptop is back at the Y in Whangarei.

BTW our hostel here in Christchurch is awesome! I found one right next to the beach on New Brighton, only 5mins ffom the pier. We started our day with a stroll along the beach this morning enjoying a beautiful hot and sunny day. Matt got some tips for trout fishing as he's going to take care of our food supply once we get to the West Coast :-)

Picking up our campervan early tomorrow morning. It's been downsized though to a 2ppl one so it will easier for me to drive *lol* Off to bed now got a lot of driving ahead of us tomorrow.