My darling hero

on June 21, 2012

This is a story I was meant to share with you more than a week ago but I just didn't find the time. But it's just too "good" to keep it to ourselves.

This picure shows Matt with his very first kingfish he caught off the rocks. It weighed roughly 15kg and as if that wasn't awesome enough the story behind that fish is unbelievable! Because it almost cost one of Matt's mate's life. But somehow my darling managed to get his kingi AND safe his mate's life. Here's what happened...

Last Tuesday after I got home from work Matt was ready to go on one of his overnight fishing trips. He usually does these missions on his own which seems to be the best thing to do despite the danger. But last time he took someone out he broke a brandnew rod, his mate fell off the bank, lost his glasses and broke Matt's brandnew reel - they didn't even get a line in the water. Anyway... so this was Take #2 taking someone to his favorite fishing spots.

I dropped Matt and the other guy from the hostel off just before dark and was meant to come back for them the next day after work. I said my little prayer that both of them would return safely and went home - half waiting for a call to come and pick them up early because something had happened. The message came - but only the next day. When I arrived I was sooo relieved to see them both standing there. But apparently that might not have been the case due to what had happened that morning.

The two boys had had a good night on the rocks without major incidents and instead had been catching heaps of fish. Until midday - when Matt finally hooked his kingfish. It must have given a good rumble and Matt's mate was supposed to help him net it to get it onto the rocks. However, the sea that day was a bit rough and the swells super high. One of the waves just washed the other guy off the rocks and dragged him out into the sea.

He must have gone out a good 50 or 60 meters the boys told me later. Was starting to panic because the waves kept dragging him under. Fortunately Matt didn't lose his mind and kept cool, telling his mate to take off his heavy clothes while he heaved the kingfish onto the rocks. He unclipped the kingi and - don't ask me how he got the idea but it proved to be a true lifesaver - tied one of his little chiller bags on the end of his line. He then chucked that out to his mate to hold on to - and wound him in like a fish.

Picturing it actually sounds quite funny and we can now all laugh about it since it didn't end tragic. With the help of another big swell Matt's mate landed back on the rocks. Naked as God made him and with some nasty scratches - but alive.

I don't think he'll go fishing with Matt, though, anytime soon...

Happy News

on June 19, 2012

Everything is going to work out. How can it now, when everything AFTER my visa has expired is already in place? Just got a little payrise AND after the holidays will pick up another little girl to work with at kindy. It's just meant to be, there's no denying it =D

Speaking of that - after getting the application for my police certificate on the way on Friday straight after receiving the letter from immigration I spent another half hour yesterday with a Justice of Peace. Wrote up a Statutory (or whatever it's called) Declaration stating I've never been convicted and have no charges or whatever against me. Apparently that and evidence that I have applied for my police certificate will be enough for immigration at this point to at least make them accept my application until my PC arrives.

So this is Take II, we'll see what happens this time. Please everybody still keep your fingers crossed!

How to really piss me off

on June 15, 2012

When I applied for a new visa last year I was told by an immigration officer that at this point I wouldn't need a police certificate (certificate of good conduct) yet. A few weeks later my visa application was sent back unprocessed because it was incomplete. I was told by another immigration officer I needed to provide a police certificate.

Only because the lady at the German Ministry of Justice was extremely efficient did I manage to hand my application back in on time.

Applying for a new visa this year I was told again that - because I submitted a police certificate last year - I wouldn't need one this time.

Well, guess what... today Immigration New Zealand sent my application back AGAIN! And guess what else? IT'S INCOMPLETE! Wanna know why? Yep, you're exactly right. Because it's missing the police certificate *#&%#&$*

And to really piss me off they're now saying I didn't submit one last year and therefore shouldn't have been given a visa.

What the ****?!?!?

Stop the silence

on June 06, 2012

Kia ora everyone,

sorry for the long silence. Been having some financial shortcuts and wasn't able to top-up my internet. But I'm still alive and active =D Here's a few things that have happened since my last post...

* Matt and I have been fishing at Mimiwhangata and I have caught my first fish on my own rod *woohoo* Mostly Kahawai, but also a few Snapper and a Trevally. I'm proud as and will share some pictures and videos with you as soon as possible. Matt thinks I'm a rather funny fisherman because I talk to my fish all the time *lol* He's also finished his smoker so we're now enjoying beautiful and juicy smoked fish (and happy to swap it for meat or other yummy things!).

* I've once again spent quite a bit of time at the police. Last Saturday two cops came knocking on my door at the hostel and took me straight to the station. But don't worry. I'm still being a good girl *lol* Some asshole had stolen lots of our food the day he moved out of the hostel and we reported it to the police. So I just had to give my official statement at the station. Next step will be having him arrested and hopefully found guilty for theft. That'll teach him.

* Today is the big day - my Immigration Application is ready, I've got all my paperwork together. So we're seeing a Justice of Peace today to get everything stamped and certified - and THEN we'll finally send it off. I'm getting really anxious - I have waiting and not being able to do anything to change your situation. My current visa expires in 5 weeks. And it's entirely up to Immigration to decide whether I can stay here with Matt or not.

That's the latest news for today. I'll keep you posted when anything happens and put some pics and videos online as soon as I get my internet sorted.

Ka kite guys =D