house & garden

on March 22, 2014

I can finally stop saying "I will..." because now I am actually doing it - I am gardening! Hard to believe, huh? I know it can't compare with Matt's masterpiece but I think my little garden patch doesn't look too bad. It actually has plants in it now!

Last weekend Matt and I were collecting heaps of horse manure from a neighbour and already put potatoes in the back. Today I used chook poo compost for my little patch and put some more cauliflowers in. The broccoli from last week is growing good as are the lettuces. I will probably be able to pick the first leaves in a few days *yay*

Had to pull out my parsley today as that had gone completely to seed. Hopefully there will be some new growth soon. The mint and sage are thriving - hard to believe how tiny and sad looking they were when we moved in.

Tomorrow I'm putting some more seeds down - but in pots for starters. Found me some kohlrabi *woohoo* and a few more herbs. Matt meanwhile is building our rabbits a lovely hutch for outside and me some shelves - so I can finally master the chaos around the house...

I LOVE having weekends again =D

Who are you?

on March 21, 2014

My first week as a childcare educator was FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely love it :-) The kids are amazing, my new colleagues lovely as can be... I did lots of facepainting and messy play, answered about a couple thousand questions, helped remove an acorn from a child's nose, applied plasters, gave cuddles and much much more. A typical week *lol* The most popular question was "What's your name again?" And I got mistaken by quite a few kids for a mom - they were trying to figure out who my child was and why I was hanging around so much *ggg* One child in particular just would not believe I was one of the teachers (he told me so more than a few times...) Today I finally got my shirt with our centre logo on it - and you won't believe what difference that made! All the sudden the kids came up to me asking why I was wearing that shirt and if I was now a teacher... you just gotta love them :-)

Harsh times

on March 15, 2014

Cyclone Lusi has been ferocious last night. Trying to steal our last greenhouses by ripping them both out of the wall. Lucky Matt hat brought the seedlings and herbs in on time otherwise we'd have lost them all. Off to town now buying some supplies. Were thinking about going to Ngawha Springs but bets are it's flooded anyway. So sit back and relax and enjoy the rain :-)

Circus time!

on March 09, 2014

 Went to the circus this weekend - thanks to work :-) Circus Aotearoa is currently in town, apparently one of New Zealand's newest ones. It was nothing like what I got to see as a child in Germany. We had lions and tigers and elephants and all these wild animals. While there is no official ban on circus animals in New Zealand it seems all circuses have agreed not to use them anymore. I think Animal Rights Petitioners have been pretty active here in the past. The last circus elephant was "retired" in 2009 according to a newspaper article I read the other day.

Anyway... so the circus here is animal free. Instead the artists enchant you with amazing acrobatic acts, funny clowns, juggling and more. It was pretty cool to watch and the kids loved it! The circus is rather small - the crew on stage only consists of 7 or 8 people, all of them quite young. They did a wonderful job, though! Check out this guy balancing on a pile of chairs...

The prices for snacks and drinks were reasonable, too, I'd say. There was candy floss (the proper one that gets made right in front of your eyes!) and popcorn in different sizes, lolly bags and soft drinks. I was able to take my own water bottle in, nobody said a thing. If Circus Aotearoa comes into your town and you have a bit of time (shows run for 1.5 hours) - go and see for yourself :-)