A visit to the Kauri Museum

on December 30, 2012

I've started working at the local dairy a few days ago and didn't think I was going to have a single day off until the end of January. But thanks to an overnight downpour which was still continuing this morning I got a message from my boss telling me to take the day off. YAY =D Matt and I took the opportunity and went to the Kauri Museum in Matakohe about an hour south from us (just off SH1 between Waipu and Wellsford). We'd been there before but only made it to the ticket counter. This time we actually had some money left so thought we might as well treat us to it :-)

The entrance fee of $25 per adult sounds horrendous - but we have to say it is absolutely worth it! On an area of 4000m2 you can learn heaps about the history of Aotearoa. There's impressive Kauri gum displays, a working sawmill, lots of machinery and exhibitions. Enough to spend a day, walk around, check out the nearby Pioneer Church and old School building and the gift shop. Here's a few impressions...

An old dresser made of Kauri gum. Gosh I'd love to have one of those!

A piece of Kauri gum art.

This Kauri tree was about 1200 years old when cut down.

Follow this link to see more pictures.

A typical Kiwi Christmas

on December 26, 2012

This year Matt and I spent the holidays with his younger sister in Te Awamutu, a small town near Hamilton. Even during my third year I'm still not used to a summer Christmas and didn't feel very festive at all. But I had an awesome time thanks to the hospitality of Sarah's in-laws... They even had made a special Christmas tree ornament for us - a tradition they seem to have for everyone who has spent or is spending a Christmas with them. Isn't that lovely?

Christmas Eve we all went to the local pub where Sarah is working, had a few drinks and played pool all night. Matt and I were the champions *yeehaw* - won every single game =D In Germany it would have been present time by now but of course in New Zealand Santa doesn't come until Christmas Day. When it was finally time to unwrap presents everybody seemed more interested in the wrapping paper - we had the MEAN fights *lol* You didn't know where to hide because there was paper flyring around everywhere. Good fun!

Later on it got so hot that Sarah and I sneaked into the kitchen to fill up a water gun. Seems like we don't only look alike but think alike, too *heehee* Didn't take long for everone to get absolutely drenched in water. Gosh that felt GOOD!!!

The boys and I also had a shooting competition - yes, with a real gun. And guess what - I beat every single one of them (except for Sarah's partner who beat me by one shot in the final shoot-out - but it was his gun, so he had home advantage anyway...)

Once again it's been a very untypical Christmas for me - but a very typical Kiwi one *lol* Wonder what's in store for us next year...

Beach fun

on December 03, 2012

Matt and I took our new car for a little cruise yesterday and went to explore the Kaipara Harbour. Decided to take the Rav onto the beach - seeing it's a 4WD that should have been good fun :-) However, we soon found out going at high tide wasn't such a good idea but luckily we managed to turn around and get back on the road without getting stuck or the waves catching us! Still it was a cool adventure :-)

In the evening my friend Anita got bapsized at my favourite beach out at the Tutukaka Coast. Never been to a baptism before let alone an adult one. It was a nice ceremony and especially meaningful as Anita is going back to Switzerland next week :-( You will be deeply missed my friend!!!