Life in the country

on January 27, 2014

Who would have thought this is how I am spending my time these days... This morning Matt and I went to a neighbour's place to collect some horse manure so Matt can get the garden ready for winter. While he dug all the stuff over and into the soil I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Found out our stove is in desperate need of replacement. After a felt 100 years without anyone cleaning it no surprise...

We also found a little surprise in the garden - our first water melons *yummy* Pretty small and don't look ripe yet - but they were actually really delicious :-)

And now guess what's for dinner... fish and chips! Matt went out with a mate last night and came home with a few snappers. Can't wait until I can go and catch some fish again, too!

What's for dinner?

on January 15, 2014

Hum... yummy kina (sea-urchin)! Freshly harvested today by Matt especially for me. Really butty ones, too. Ate a couple, the rest is going into scrambled eggs tomorrow morning. Can't wait *yumyum*

Also been starting to make some "Pflaumenmus" tonight - it's a bit like plum jam but different, a typical German recipe. Will be finishing that off tomorrow. Now all I need to find is a nice recipe for typical German buns (gluten free preferrably) and I will never skip breakfast again *lol*

While searching for recipes I stumbled upon an interesting idea of how to make good use of those plum pips... PFLAUMENSCHNAPPS *heehee* So on payday I'll be getting me a bottle of vodka and see how I'm doing at making my own alcohol...

Apart from that we're still hard out harvesting veges in the garden. This is part of today's harvest - not including yet another batch of beans and our first corn!

Just found out that you can actually freeze zucchini, so that's what we'll be doing tomorrow as well. Nothing is going to waste and I'm looking forward to eating our very own veges this winter. We should have enough to not having to buy ANY... about tot plan our winter crop, too. What shall we do? Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, ... what veges do you like growing?

OOOOOOH I almost forgot... we went to the beach again after work for a quick swim - and spotted a pod of dolphins! They must have had a good hunt because they were happily jumping around doing some crazy stunts =D Could have watched them for hours - this is so much better than going to the movies!

I love my kai moana

on January 13, 2014

After catching up with a former colleague of mine this morning (lovely Emmy and her teeny weeny poodle puppy Barney) Matt and I went out for a cruise to one of my favourite swimming spots: Taiharuru. There's a little estuary and though it's not a white sand beach it definitely is great for a quick swim. The water is so refreshing!

Instead of going home I then suggested we go to Pataua - hadn't been there for ages but remember that as an Au Pair we used to go there sometimes for a swim in the estuary. I've also seen the locals gathering pipis and cockels there so Matt and I thought we'll see if we can find something...

AND WE DID!!! The tide was just right so we went in and had a good look around. Found a few pipis and all the sudden came across a huge patch of green lip mussels. Yummy! And all the sudden there were cockels, too! Matt couldn't believe it =D Spent about 20mins sifting through the sand and gathering. Filled our bag quite nicely and I think I had about half a kg for dinner *lol* Saved some for tomorrow as well. I love this way of living!

Meeting new neighbours and old friends

on January 02, 2014

A few weeks ago Matt talked to one of our neighbours down in the valley - they have horses and he was asking if we could have the manure for the garden. Called into their place today so Matt could introduce me. Was a wonderful experience! Really lovely couple I'd say in their 50s. They have beautiful horses and lots of goats. I will probably go down there next week and have a go at milking a goat =D Also had an old friend of mine over for dinner tonight. Haven't seen René in 4 years and he only just arrived in New Zealand. Was lovely to have a catch up! Matt cooked us a yummy dinner - traditional Kiwi BBQ and lots of fresh veges from the garden.

Happy New Year!

on January 01, 2014

What a beautiful start into the new year. Had to get up early today to go back to work but it didn't feel that bad seeing I got to see this magnificent sunrise :-)