I love my kai moana

After catching up with a former colleague of mine this morning (lovely Emmy and her teeny weeny poodle puppy Barney) Matt and I went out for a cruise to one of my favourite swimming spots: Taiharuru. There's a little estuary and though it's not a white sand beach it definitely is great for a quick swim. The water is so refreshing!

Instead of going home I then suggested we go to Pataua - hadn't been there for ages but remember that as an Au Pair we used to go there sometimes for a swim in the estuary. I've also seen the locals gathering pipis and cockels there so Matt and I thought we'll see if we can find something...

AND WE DID!!! The tide was just right so we went in and had a good look around. Found a few pipis and all the sudden came across a huge patch of green lip mussels. Yummy! And all the sudden there were cockels, too! Matt couldn't believe it =D Spent about 20mins sifting through the sand and gathering. Filled our bag quite nicely and I think I had about half a kg for dinner *lol* Saved some for tomorrow as well. I love this way of living!


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