Cheap as a budgie!

on October 11, 2011

My little trip to the South Island is getting a face =D Thanks to a friend of mine I have just hired a campervan to get from Christchurch to Queenstown - for only $5 a day!!! It's called relocation. When someone hires a vehicle but instead of going in a circle only drives from A to B the rental company needs to get that vehicle back to A - without spending too much money. So instead of putting it on the back of a truck they give it to poor travellers like me and have them drive it back for them. For very little expenses.

Of course there are a few downsides to it. Limited kilometers (you pay approx. 50 cents extra for each kilometer you're over the allowance) and limited time. We will have 2.5 days to get from Christchurch to Queenstown which doesn't sound like a lot to begin with. But since we only have a week in total anyway that's really not too bad. The few major things we really want to do and see on the way we'll have no problem fitting into the schedule. So all sweet *woohoo*

So one thing I really need to get done this week is getting my Kiwi driver's licence. Gosh I'm excited =D

Oh, it's been too long...

on October 06, 2011

Guess what - Maerchen will finally be back on the road in less than a month *woohoo* My last real holiday seems ages ago and with all my hours working during the Rugby World Cup I've been able to save a little bit of money. And you all know what I love spending my money on most :-)

I already talked to out Assistant Manager about taking some time off once the crazy times are over and all the rugby fans have left town. She's more than happy to let me go for a week or two before summer season hits. Makes it easier for her giving everybody else enough hours. So I decided to explore this beautiful country a bit more - and go down south.

Thanks to grabaseat I just managed to get a ticket from Auckland to Christchurch for only 59 dollars!!! My plan is to spend a few days there (hopefully without any earthquakes), then grab a car/campervan and "relocate" it to Queenstown. Relocating means you help the rental companies get their vehicles back to where they belong after people have hired it but only drove from A to B instead of going in a circle. It's cheap as!!! You get deals for about 5 dollars and between CHCH and QT they normally give you 4 or 5 days to complete your journey. Doesn't matter which way you go. Found out about this via Dan's cousin who told me about it a few days ago. Thank you Ryan =D Just hoping I'll find a good deal for the time I'm going there.

If everything works out the way I plan it and I find some good couchsurfers to stay with I should be able to get quite a lot out of this trip for little money =D And I might even have someone to join me, at least for part of the trip. But that's another story ;-) I'll tell you more once the trip itinerary becomes more detailed...