I wash my hands in blood

on February 28, 2012

Had a really busy yet awesome weekend with lots of fun and adventure :-) attended my first baby shower for a friend who's due in 2 weeks! How exciting :-) We had a lovely picnic in the park with teddybears, balloons and cool games.<p>
Sunday was fishing day and Matt and I got up really early (4.30am!!!) hoping to catch some big ones. I have to admit I let my darling go ahead to our rock while I stayed in the car and napped until the sun was actually up...<p>
My plan to go running at the beach in the morning was unfortunately destroyed by a big group of Maories fishing and I just don't like being watched while I torture myself. So I packed my bag and climbed down to where I hoped Matt was happily catching our dinner.<p>
Unfortunately the fish just didn't wanna bite... by 3pm we had one snapper just about legal. So what next? Well, my darling is very determined and refused to go home without a properly filled chiller bin. So we hiked for about half an hour climbing over rocks, sliding down steep cliffs and wading through knee-deep water to another secret spot. <p>
By 6pm we were finally lucky :-) Kawais *yay* just kept on biting! But since Matt was busy catching he actually wanted me to do the rest - which involved killing and gutting those poor buggers. Sorry, just couldn't do it. I'm slowly getting used to watching and in theory know how to do it. But as soon as I had the knife in my hands I started feeling really sorry for the fish. Typical city girl... <p>
I did agree to scale them, though - but it was a lot harder than it looked. Especially since the fish were still twitching and jumping so no matter what my hands, my legs and even my clothes were bloodstained soon after. What a yucky feeling!!! <p>
Now I'm about to try filleting a fish for the first time on my own as I want to make some more raw fish. What a delicacy :-)

I'm a tenor!!!

on February 14, 2012

If you know something about music you might look at the headline and think - doesn't she know anything about music?!? Yes, I do. I've been a soprano all my live, a soprano II at my last choir in Germany, the Little Lights of LE. I haven't found a new choir yet and have missed singing ever since I arrived in New Zealand.

Well, the search is over =D Last night I went to a New Member Night with the Whangarei Harmony Chorus - and absolutely loved it! It's an all-women choir in the style of American Barber Shop. A capella, no instruments, four voices. As the barbershop was based on men's voices it remains like that until today - so you have your lead (melody), bass, baritone and tenor.

There were three younger girls including me, everybody else is between 40 and 70 I'd say. Apparently they have a few troubles finding younger voices for the "high pitched tenor" which normally sings the part just above the lead. So they were quite happy to put us three there. And it was awesome! We did an interpretation of Elvis' "Love me tender" and already learned a whole new song. Practice is once a week and lasts THREE HOURS!!! That's going to be interesting... But I'm really looking forward to it =D

Snip, snap - SNAPPER!

on February 13, 2012

Kiwi summers are about two things mainly - beach and BBQ. And since we finally had a sunny weekend and my trip to Auckland got cancelled (wanted to go to a Roxette concert, had bought tickets AGES ago - then it got cancelled only Friday night because the singer had fallen sick on the plane) I decided to spend my weekend on the beach =D Mattt was working Saturday so I had the whole day to myself and after about 1.5 years went to my favorite beach again: Matapouri along the Tutukaka Coast. It's about 40mins per car from Whangarei, a rather windy road at times but very scenic. I went for a swim in the cool ocean, battled some minor waves and took a looong sunbath. Life is good =D

Sunday I let Matt decide where to go and he opted for Oakura which is towards Helena Bay and Russell. Awesome choice (pictures will follow)! While he climbed along the rocks and hills to find a good fishing spot I again enjoyed the lazy life at the beach.

Once the sun started hiding behind the clouds and the wind got stronger I grabbed "my" rod and followed Matt along the rocks. I must say I'm getting more and confident jumping from stone to stone, climbing uphill and finding my way through the bush. Only got stuck on a rather steep bit once but luckily a local teenager came by and "saved" me *lol*

Once I reached Mattt he was all excited - he had caught a STINGRAY!!! A massive one, too. Poor thing was stuck on his hook - we didn't intend to take it home. Matt has tried stingray before and didn't like it - and I just think they are too beautiful to be slaughtered. First time I've seen one in the wild! What an adventure =D Matt managed to cut the poor thing off the hook but couldn't put it back into the ocean as it had a long barb that could kill you. So we left it in a rock pool filled with water and for those who are as concerned as I was - by the time we left the tide was coming in again and a big wave took the stingray right back to where it belonged =D

Later on we also saw a pool of dolphins swim by! And Matt caught enough fish to last us weeks *ggg* Some good-sized Kahawai and a snapper. I didn't catch anything, but at least I'm getting really good at casting and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I hook something...

We ended the day with a typical Kiwi summer tradition - a BBQ at the beach. Smoked fish, lamb chops and Kamo Kamo (a bit like a massive sized zucchini). What a perfect weekend =D

Blessed be he who has true friends

on February 10, 2012

After having bought my car - which by the way is awesome to drive, just needs a name now *lol* - I was pretty much broke. All my savings gone, overdraft had reached its limit. I was anxiously waiting for my first payday at my new job. Which was meant to be this Wednesday. Well - can you imagine how I felt when on Thursday there was still no money in my account? And to make things worse - when I called them up just to be informed that because of the system they have my first pay actually won't go in until the end of February?!?!? With not a cent left in my pockets and no back-up plan, already owing half of my rent - I thought the world had collapsed. How was I supposed to pay my bills? Let alone shop for groceries or get petrol in order to get to work?

Let's just say I wasn't a very happy person on Thursday. In fact I was a mess. Most Germans are known to need security, especially financially. I knew once I got my regular payments I'd be sweet again. But how to survive the next two weeks?

Well, my desperate prayers were answered a day after in the form of what anybody who has them can call themselves blessed: true friends. So today things don't look even half as gloomy as a couple of days ago. I won't be starving. I won't have to be afraid of being kicked out of the hostel.

So here is to all the wonderful people in my life whom I know I can always count on, who make me smile when I'm feeling low and who laugh with me in good times.

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.