I wash my hands in blood

Had a really busy yet awesome weekend with lots of fun and adventure :-) attended my first baby shower for a friend who's due in 2 weeks! How exciting :-) We had a lovely picnic in the park with teddybears, balloons and cool games.<p>
Sunday was fishing day and Matt and I got up really early (4.30am!!!) hoping to catch some big ones. I have to admit I let my darling go ahead to our rock while I stayed in the car and napped until the sun was actually up...<p>
My plan to go running at the beach in the morning was unfortunately destroyed by a big group of Maories fishing and I just don't like being watched while I torture myself. So I packed my bag and climbed down to where I hoped Matt was happily catching our dinner.<p>
Unfortunately the fish just didn't wanna bite... by 3pm we had one snapper just about legal. So what next? Well, my darling is very determined and refused to go home without a properly filled chiller bin. So we hiked for about half an hour climbing over rocks, sliding down steep cliffs and wading through knee-deep water to another secret spot. <p>
By 6pm we were finally lucky :-) Kawais *yay* just kept on biting! But since Matt was busy catching he actually wanted me to do the rest - which involved killing and gutting those poor buggers. Sorry, just couldn't do it. I'm slowly getting used to watching and in theory know how to do it. But as soon as I had the knife in my hands I started feeling really sorry for the fish. Typical city girl... <p>
I did agree to scale them, though - but it was a lot harder than it looked. Especially since the fish were still twitching and jumping so no matter what my hands, my legs and even my clothes were bloodstained soon after. What a yucky feeling!!! <p>
Now I'm about to try filleting a fish for the first time on my own as I want to make some more raw fish. What a delicacy :-)


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