We've got a baby!

on November 17, 2012

Welcome to our family, Ruffy! You've had a rough time in the 2 weeks since you've been born. But you've found a loving family and we're going to look after you :-)

Here is some pictures/videos from your first weekend with us...


A spontaneous adventure

on November 05, 2012

Matt and I had a really blessed weekend! It didn't start well but ended up getting better and better.

As feared our Mitzi failed its warrant and the repairs might be rather costly considering how old it is. We've been saving for a new one for ages but whenever we just about had enough something happened and our savings shrunk again. On Saturday we decided it was time to act anyway. So we packed some things and went on a roadtrip.

Was the best thing we've done in a long time :-) we stayed with Matt's little sister who just bought a new house. Was really good to see her again. Drove to Auckland yesterday where they have private car sales each Sunday morning. Well... and here it is :-) our new car! We were looking for a 4x4 and found exactly what we wanted - for less than we wanted to spend *woohoo* what a blessing!