My new toy :-)

on January 31, 2012

I am really excited - I'm starting my new job today *woohoo* My body isn't quite used to getting up that early anymore but I'm sure it'll soon adjust. Right now I'm not only looking forward to working with children but also to actually get to work - in my new car =D

Since the kindergarten I'll be working at is half an hour away from town I rather sooner than later needed a vehicle to get me there. Been looking on TradeMe for a while but nothing came up that A was affordable and B reliable enough to last a few months at least. Until this weekend.

It was a rather spontaneous action but the girl was anxious to sell and I anxious to buy. So she came around yesterday, I had a little test drive around the block and when Matt and Rob (guy that works at the hostel) gave their approval as well - we had a deal =D

There's still a few things that need to be fixed before the next WoF (Warrant of Fitness for all non-Kiwis - similar to TÜV in Germany) but the estimated costs are reasonable. Will see how she goes on the open road today and hope she doesn't die on me or break down. That'd be a laugh...

New beginnings

on January 24, 2012

2012 is bound to be a good year =D Summer has finally arrived (although last night was so cold that I needed woollen socks and a fleece jacket and there was a bit of frost on the cars parked outside the hostel this morning) and my days as a lazy bum (meaning unemployed) are about to be over *woohoo* Just before Christmas I had a job interview with a lady more or less from the Ministry of Education for a position as Education Support Work (where you work with kids that have special needs in kindergarten).

They told me straight after the interview I was hired and they were going to get back to me with details and my contract. Hadn't heard from then since and was really getting worried. But - yesterday I finally managed to get someone on the phone - and I will start working for them next week =D It will only be part-time and apparently not too many hours yet. I will know more when I sign the contract on Friday.

BUT there is more good news. I just got back from another job interview and if both employers are ok with it I will also start working part-time as a Community Support Worker (which is mostly assisting elderly people with daily chores or caring for injured/disabled people). Since that will be more flexible with hours I should be able to juggle things around and end up with enough to equal a full-time job. At least after a while once  igbet more and more clients.

I am really looking forward to these new challenges. I've always enjoyed working with people but being in hospitality full-time just wasn't the right thing for me. I'm still doing the odd hours as a waitress at my old job helping out if someone calls in sick or whatever. But even after having been back there for a few days has confirmed my decision to leave.

Meanwhile I've started looking for a car as I will definitely need one with my new jobs coming up. Haven't found one I can afford, yet, so might have to rely on my own feet, the bike my brother gave me almost a year ago for my birthday (which up to this day hasn't been used) and public transport - bad as it is up here. I'm still confident things will work themselves out. Always have one way or other.

"Über den Wolken..."

on January 17, 2012

There's this famous German song that translates into "Above the clouds freedom must know no boundaries". And yes, being up in the air is one of the most exciting things ever. I've always enjoyed plane rides no matter if on big commercial Boeings, rusty old Antonovs or shaky Wilgas. Among the aircrafts I've been wanting to go on for ages are helicopters and gliders. The first is still on the list - but thanks to the Whangarei Gliding Club one of my wishes has just come true.

My host dad's father happens to be the president of the club and has told me for months to just come around on a nice weekend and someone would give me "a lift" up into the air. Never been able to make it but the last few days Matt and I were house- and dog-sitting for Philip's brother and his family so we were just around the corner. Then Sunday was finally the day of days =D

One of the club members, Alex, has been flying for over 20 years and agreed to take me for a ride in his two-seater. I was a bit scared, I admit, but mostly excited. As a sports journalist in Germany I had been writing about a major gliding competition for years and watched heaps of them going up and coming back down. But actually sitting in one and getting ready for take-off... let's say I had a few butterflies in my tummy.

After all the checks had been done and everything was set there was no turning back. Within seconds the glider started moving and we went upwards. MAN THAT WAS SCARY!!!! Worse than on any rollercoaster I've ever been on! After only 20 meters or so the glider's nose went steeply skywards. I was screaming all the way and thought I was getting sick. But that feeling didn't last long at all. Once we were actually up there and level all I could think was "How beautiful!".

Alex explained a lot to me, told me what we were seeing - we had free view all the way to the Bay of Islands! He even offered me to take over and fly but I thankfully declined. I was happy enough just enjoying the view and taking pictures. Unfortunately the weather circumstances weren't too good that day so after about 15mins it was time to head back down to the airfield.

Once again I was a bit scared thinking "Surely landing will be even worse than goin up" - but nope, nothing, As Alex had said before to calm me down: "It is just an easy glide." And it was. Before I realized we were back on the ground. What an adventure :-) I've just finished uploading my pictures on Facebook. If you wanna have a look, click here :-) Matt also took some videos which I'm hoping to share with you soon.

The downside of living in a hostel

on January 03, 2012

So far I've never had trouble with anyone here at the hostel. Until today - when I found out that someone had been stealing my entire box of expensive gluten-free cereal. It had been sitting unopened in the cupboard while Matt and I were gone on our trip. But when I lifted it up this morning to open it it was suprisingly light.

Well, guess why. THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT!!! Someone had opened the box at the bottom, emptied the entire bag, stuffed it back inside the box and put the box back in the cupboard so it looked untouched. BLOODY BASTARD! I'm off to work in a few mins and have nothing left to eat *grrr* We all know who it was - too bad that thieving mongrel has already moved out again.

But at least I was just told that apparently as soon as he left the hostel he got arrested by the police (again!). Serves him right...

Fresh fish is the best!!!

on January 02, 2012

There's two things I know for sure about being with Matt. 1. Life will never be boring. 2. I will never starve. It's half an hour past midnight and I just had a massive feed - crumbed fish (freshly caught Trevally and Kawai), veges (from Matt's dad's garden) and home-baked chips. Gosh, I'm full... and what a day it has been...

After cutting our camping trip short due to weather conditions we spent most of yesterday and today unpacking, doing TONS of laundry and re-arranging our gear. Close to midnight on New Year's Eve I watched DINNER FOR ONE - it's a British comedy sketch from the 1960s that is very popular at this time of the year in Germany and is normally played by every single TV station at some point during the last night of every year. Matt didn't think it was as hilarious as I do but I guess despite him having a British mom he's just not used to the British humor *lol*

Have a look for yourself... here's the YouTube-video I found...

Anyway... I enjoyed it a lot =D Haven't seen it for a while. The rest of the night we looked at all the pictures we have taken during our camping trip (about 400) and relived the funny and adventurous moments we had. More about the trip including pictures will follow soon as promised.

After finally having finished cleaning etc Matt's first question was: "What are we doing today? Where are we going?" Having a car is really handy - thank you again heaps, Angie!!! Since I'm actually starting to learn how to fish (yes, I really am...), the weather was nice and the sea pretty calm we decided to go back to "my rock". Those of you who read my blog regularly - that's the one where I thought I was going to drown a few weeks ago. But we went when the tide was low so this time I had no problems climbing onto the rock - with a rod in my hand! Here's a picture - you can see a figure in the distance which would be Matt. That is where we have to climb to in order to fish - and where he caught some massive ones today =D

Before that I spent hours and hours searching the sand for little shells, cat's eyes, rocks and whatever crossed my eyes. I love being at the beach. Matt caught heaps of kinna (sea urchins) which I tried but didn't really like. While searching for them he found this huge sea shell for me which will get a special place in my room. I need some more shelves and window sills and containers to store all the things I/we keep finding at the beach :-)