The downside of living in a hostel

So far I've never had trouble with anyone here at the hostel. Until today - when I found out that someone had been stealing my entire box of expensive gluten-free cereal. It had been sitting unopened in the cupboard while Matt and I were gone on our trip. But when I lifted it up this morning to open it it was suprisingly light.

Well, guess why. THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT!!! Someone had opened the box at the bottom, emptied the entire bag, stuffed it back inside the box and put the box back in the cupboard so it looked untouched. BLOODY BASTARD! I'm off to work in a few mins and have nothing left to eat *grrr* We all know who it was - too bad that thieving mongrel has already moved out again.

But at least I was just told that apparently as soon as he left the hostel he got arrested by the police (again!). Serves him right...


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