Exciting news!

on August 03, 2015

I've never liked having secrets. And this one I've been keeping for way too long. And after having heard bubba's heart beat today I'm way too excited to hold back any longer. It still doesn't seem real - but it will be very real come February 2016! So yay - here is our news! Anxiously excited...

Harvest time

on August 02, 2015

Had a look in the garden for some salad ingredients and look what I found! Maybe not quite a salad, but yummy nonetheless :-) My first kohlrabi this year *woohoo* That will probably end up in my lunchbox tomorrow - if it survives the evening... Haven't had one in years, so glad I stumbled across the seeds last year. There's a few more in the ground and now that I know they grow well up here I'll definitely put some more seeds in soon.

Our new chilli plant also seems to be producing well, might have to look into pickling maybe? For now they'll go in the freezer - I hear a chilli con carne coming soon...

Big thanks to my cousin Mario for sending us those carrot seeds last year. They finally went in the ground this year and are growing beautifully. Only just starting to thin them out so they don't go to waste. These baby ones are yummylicious! Haven't turned purple yet, so I guess there's a lot more room to grow for them once I've taken more little ones out.

Did I mention I LOVE gardening? Who would have thought...

The first day of spring

Officially spring doesn't start for another month. But with 18 degrees today and beautiful sunshine it surely felt like winter is finally over! So instead of doing housework or studying (isn't procrastination a lovely invention?) I hopped in my newly fixed car and drove to where I haven't been in a loooong time - the beach :-) Went for a little walk and even poked my feet in the water. Gosh it was warm. Only just resisted the urge to jump in.