New beginnings

on April 30, 2013

For quite some time now I've been trying to get a full-time job but - for the umptieth time - I've recently been turned down. Again.

But not all is bad. Instead of getting a full-time job that I might not even enjoy I have yesterday started a new part-time job (that makes 3 now) that I know will satisfy me. On top of my work with special needs children at kindy I will now also provide respite care for families with special needs children/teenagers.

Starting with a few shifts this week and really excited :-) it will once again be a challenge juggling all the jobs around each other. But hopefully I will finally work enough hours to be able to start saving a bit.

The good side about part-time work is I will still have opportunities like yesterday and stop at a beautiful spot like the Whangarei Falls to enjoy a lunch picnic :-)

Best chat with NZ Immigration EVER!

on April 24, 2013

I just got off the phone with Immigration New Zealand and am happy as!!! I needed to find out what visa I can apply for this year because my current one expires in August. Well guess what - I CAN FINALLY GO FOR MY RESIDENCY!!!! WOOHOO =D

The lady I spoke to today was the friendliest and most helpful one I ever had in the 3 years that I've been dealing with Immigration. Unfortunately I didn't catch her name so here's a HUMUNGOUS thank you to the unknown Immigration Officer with the Indian accent...

She not only told me exactly what forms etc I needed to fill out this year. She's also putting everything together in a letter today and send it off to me because I don't have a printer. Isn't that nice? For the first time I feel fully informed, she gave me tipps and what I need to look out for...

And here's some more good news. I neither need a new medical certificate (which would have cost me another $500) nor a police certificate (which hast cost me a lot of time consuming trouble the last 2 years). Only thing I need to do is start pestering some of you again to give evidence about Matt and me actually being in a relationship. Easy as, huh?

Only catch - as it takes between 3 and 9 months for Immigration to process a residency application I probably have to reapply for a partnership work permit again in July. But she's sending those papers, too, to save me time and money. And I've heard from friends that you get the fee back once your residency is approved.

Fly little Monarch

on April 19, 2013

Matt found another cocoon a few days ago and brought it home. We weren't sure a butterfly would actually hatch thinking the season for them must be over by now.

When we came home today, however, the cocoon was gone and nowhere to be found! A good search finally showed this beautiful specimen of a Monarch Butterfly hiding at the bottom of an old cardboard box.

Unfortunately it looks like this little fella isn't going to make it :-( something has been chewing on him, probably ants or spiders... tonight he can rest on the cape gooseberry plant. We'll see how he is tomorrow...


on April 17, 2013

I've always been interested in where I - and therefore my family - have come from. When I went on holiday to Germany I got heaps of information about my mom's side of the family thanks to one of my aunties who has been looking after our family tree etc. The last few days and weeks I've started putting everything together, using to build up the family tree.

Thanks to the documents - mostly obtained during Hitler's reign to prove that there's no Jewish blood running in your family - I have been able to trace our family roots back to early 1800. It's AMAZING! It looks like some of my ancestors have come from areas that would nowadays be in the Czech Republic and Poland. Not a lot of globetrotting so far, but I'm only just beginning...

Bon appetit

on April 14, 2013

When it comes to fishing Matt is the most reliable fisherman ever :-) He never comes home without a feed... yesterday he caught heaps of Kahawai so we had smoked fish for lunch and then fish & chips for dinner *yummy* I had a go at filleting and smoking and apparently didn't too a bad job...

Today I made some more tomato sauce and MAN that is the nicest EVER! There's nothing better than homemade!

Thank you Hikurangi

on April 13, 2013

It's been almost 1.5 years since I've started my work as an Education Support Worker (ESW) where I help special needs children at childcare centers. I've had a few children since and enjoyed working with every single one of them - despite some of the challenges with naturally come with this sort of job.

Looking back to when I first started I am still grateful that my first assignments took place in Hikurangi. The staff at "my" childcare center has been wonderful. From the very first day I felt like part of the team - and I have learnt HEAPS.

With the last of "my" children from that center going off to school, however, my days at that center are numbered. I will miss the children and my lovely colleagues and hope that one day I will be able to return (I already threatened them I'd come back as a student once I start my degree *heehee*). We had a little birthday-/farewell-lunch going on yesterday and I got these beautiful flowers from the center and some candles.

Thank you guys for everything! The past 15 months with you have been an unforgettable time full of learning, playing (*ggg*) and memories I will treasure. YOU ROCK!

Superbunny in action

on April 10, 2013

Ruffy is the coolest pet ever! She's as fast as lightning, really clever and sooo entertaining :-) wish I'd be fast enough to tape all her mean jumps and twists... yesterday she was chewing hard on Matt's jandals but hopped off every time I tried to take a picture or a video. She gets really upset when she's not the center of attention. As soon as you start ignoring her she starts annoying you.

And did you know that rabbits love rhubarb pie and ice cream? Ruffy has been trying hard to get a piece of my pudding the last few nights. Today she was successful - I left my bowl unattended for only a minute and ZOOM - Superbunny had managed to jump into it. Now she's busy cleaning herself *lol* what a rabbit...

Happy birthday to me :-)

on April 07, 2013

What a lovely view to wake up to on your birthday :-) Thank you everyone for your wishes, it's been a really nice weekend! Nothing major happened, but I don't need a big party every year. This year it was just Matt, Ruffy and me. And we had lots to do this weekend, considering how much stayed undone while I was gone to Germany...

Matt got the garden ready this weekend so we can start planting and preparing our winter crop. Everything needed to be dug over again, mix it with compost, horse manure, chook poo... We've still got a few watermelons in the garden, our capsicums and chili plants are still producing and my eggplants might finally spit out some fruits after MONTHS of waiting. Meanwhile we still had lots of leftovers from our summer harvest and didn't want that to go to waste. So I spent most of my weekend in the kitchen bottling and baking and cooking and pickling...

 some of my work: pickled cucumbers after a German recipe ("eingelegte saure Gurken"), pickled beetroot and fig jam...

I also made heaps of Feijoa sauce and dried a full tray of figs to have some nibbles for winter...
I finally found a recipe for rhubarb pie that comes close to how my mom used to make it. Here's my first atttempt - and guess what.. it was DELICIOUS!!! Even Matt loved it and he normally doesn't care much about rhubarb. I recommend it warm with hokey pokey ice cream *yummy* Ruffy couldn't resist, either, and jumped right into my bowl one night...
Another first: Mattt thought it was about time I learned how to use a drill. Wasn't that hard at all (after he set it up for me *lol*)! So I helped him take down the fence we had used for the peas to climb up. Don't I look like a professional *heehee* And I didn't even break it!