Weekend trip to Piha

on September 22, 2013

It's been a while since I've started working with Pukeko Au Pair. Unfortunately its founder Marina and I have never been able to meet in person - until this weekend. Every year in September Marina organizes a weekend for new Au Pairs at a beachstay in Piha, one of Auckland's most famous beaches. She invited me to come along and take the time to finally get to know each other.

Had a really good weekend (though I was still sick). Got up early as on Saturday to hopefully watch the sunrise but unfortunately it was too cloudy. Still the sky was mean with beautiful colours.

Later in the day we walked to Kitekite Falls - a very scenic bush track through native Kauri forest that leads you to the bottom of the falls (about 30mins). If you continue you can hike up to the top but I opted for the easy way back *lol* On Sunday we went to Piha Beach again and this time the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!

Check out some of my pictures on Facebook :-) (You don't actually need to be registered to see them)

Back to Gospel

on September 17, 2013

Matt and I have long been talking about going to church. He's a Christian but was a bit unhappy with some of the 'institutions' in town. So we decided to give the little Fellowship near our home a try. Now those who know me know I haven't been raised beliving in God. Yet whenever I joined friends or my American host family for church I mostly had a good time.

What has drawn me most to church, though, is the music. One thing I have dearly missed in the past 3 years since coming to New Zealand is Gospel music. After almost 4 years with the Little Lights of LE it was hard to give up singing. I've tried a couple of choirs here in Whangarei but it just wasn't the same. Well, it seems I've finally found it again! The church service wasn't at all what I had expected. No long sermons or ceremonies - but instead a lot of worship through song. Just what I was looking for.

And the funny part? Matt surprisingly turned around and asked me if I really knew all these songs. Nope - apart from Amazing Grace I didn't know ANY. But once a musician always a musician I guess *heehee* I really enjoyed it and might even be able to bring some of the gospel songs from my old choir back in Germany to the next service. Now I just have to get a hold of some of the music sheets so the guy on the piano can accompany us...

New beginnings II

Since we've moved Ruffy has spent a lot of time on her own. As she can no longer join us in the kitchen/lounge area but now actuqally has an entire room to herself we thought it's not fair for her to be on her own so much. So voilà - welcome to the family Fluffy =D Fluffy is a loop-ear rabbit, male, about 2 months old. And we're really happy as both get along just perfect!

The initial introduction was rather boring. A bit of sniffing here, a bit of sniffing there. But neither was actually interested in the other one. We almost thought especially Ruffy might not even realize there is another rabbit in the room - considering she's only really ever known Matt and me. But a few weeks later and both run around together, they play chase, they jump... Fluffy is still a bit wary of us but he knows the hand that feeds him *lol* So he'll come around.

New beginnings I

Do you guys remember when I was telling you Matt and I might be moving soon? Well - we did =D We found a wonderful house not as close to the beach as Waipu but a hundred times better! We now have a fire place which has been keeping us warm every night since we've moved in (thank you my darling for cutting all that wood!). We're still lacking heaps of furniture, but we've got a pull-out couch to sleep on, a dining table (with no chairs) and a fridge (that actually works!).

We've started a bit of gardening but because we've both been sick and I've been working lots of weekends not much has happened so far. But we're getting there. Our landlords are awesome, really nice - and they let us have our peace ;-) Did I mention we have little lambs behind our backyard fence? And Tuis singing and Rosellas chirping... what a blessing!

Getting started

on September 15, 2013

Just over one months into living at our new place we're starting to set up out new garden. Space is rare so we have to make the most of it... And since Matt loves saying I never do ANYTHING in the garden... here's the proof I AM helping ;-)