New beginnings II

Since we've moved Ruffy has spent a lot of time on her own. As she can no longer join us in the kitchen/lounge area but now actuqally has an entire room to herself we thought it's not fair for her to be on her own so much. So voilĂ  - welcome to the family Fluffy =D Fluffy is a loop-ear rabbit, male, about 2 months old. And we're really happy as both get along just perfect!

The initial introduction was rather boring. A bit of sniffing here, a bit of sniffing there. But neither was actually interested in the other one. We almost thought especially Ruffy might not even realize there is another rabbit in the room - considering she's only really ever known Matt and me. But a few weeks later and both run around together, they play chase, they jump... Fluffy is still a bit wary of us but he knows the hand that feeds him *lol* So he'll come around.


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