Hard work pays off

on October 05, 2012

I'm having some really productive "holidays" - meaning heaps of work despite the fact that kindy is closed :-) Managed to pick up quite a bit of relief work with Home Support and had a lovely surprise yesterday.

One of the ladies I went to had specifically asked for me to come as a reliever while her home help is on holiday. I'd been to her place only once before - more than a couple of months ago. Must have left a lasting impression...

Found out why yesterday. She has been really unhappy with her helper and been wanting to change for a while - but didn't dare complain. Now I guess she saw her opportunity :-) she told me her house had never been so clean than when I was there and asked me if I wanted to come regularly. Well of course :-)

Thanks to a friend of mine I had another special encounter yesterday. I met a young autistic boy yesterday who's mom was desperately looking for some help during the holidays and for after school. I haven't Ben around anyone with autism before but since I now work with special needs children and really enjoy that I thought I'd go around and meet them.

Well, seems like I was a hit :-) When I arrived the boy was hiding in the safety of his mom's car but soon came out to "check me out". An hour later we were jumping on his trampoline :-) I could see the joy not only in his eyes - but in his mom's as well. I think she was extremely relieved to see how her son had reacted to me and she might have found some support...

Why would I ever want to go back to doing anything else when helping others is so rewarding?!?