Free pizza anyone?

on September 24, 2011

Do you know that awkward feeling when someone asks you to come along to a party but you neither know the hosts now anyone else except the friend asking? Well, I always get a bit shy around heaps of strangers so when I was asked to come along to a BBQ tonight where I neither knew the hosts nor anyone else apart from my friend I was indeed a little bit nervous. Mixing and mingling has never been my thing, I hate introducing myself over and over again, making a bit of small talk and then standing around on my own again because I am the odd one out.

Well - thanks to Domino's pizza there was no need to worry about that tonight. Why? I was the hero of the evening by pretty much getting free pizza for everone! Unintentionally, but nevertheless it happened...

My friend hadn't prepared anything for the BBQ but instead had the idea of just ordering some pizza and have it delivered to the party. One of the girls at my hostel works at Domino's so I volunteered for calling up and maybe getting a discount. I told her the address and that we will need about half an hour til we get to the party. Turns out she thought the pizza needs to be delivered within half an hour...

By the time we got to the party everyone was already happily munching on pizza inviting us to join them. They were all really happy because the pizza guy had sold them three massive pizzas for just ten dollars thinking that he'd got the wrong address and was never going to find the person who originally had ordered the pizza - me! Of course nobody at the BBQ knew my name so when Domino's had turned up they told him they didn't know anything about pizza nor the person having ordered it. The poor guy must have been extremely confused - and ended up dumping the pizza on their doorstep for a real bargain :-)

We arrived about 5mins after the pizza guy and when my friend introduced me everybody starting laughing! Yep, I was the pizza girl. You're very welcome :-) I've never experienced the ice breaking so fast between people. No need for long introductions and explanations who I was. I was the hero of the evening *lol*

This is crazy!

on September 22, 2011

Did I actually say sometime last week that I wish it was always Rugby World Cup? Must have been blinded by the heaps of tips I made that day. Now I just want it to be over *uff* Here's just an overview of how this week is going to be like...

Monday - seemed to be a quiet start into the week with me not starting work until 4pm. Didn't get home until after 1am though because we had late-night dining customers and drinkers that just didn't want to leave.

Tuesday - Back to work at 11 o'clock in the morning. No breakfast - because I haven't had time to do grocery shopping in more than two weeks. As the day went on we got busier and busier and actually had to call in more staff to help out during the late lunch rush. By 4.30pm I was officially starving and finally managed to go on a 10 minute break to shuffle some food into my body. Dinner was busy as well with heaps of Japanese fans coming in and for some reason quite a few French people, too. Finally finished work at 10pm - after an 11 hour shift - but hung around the restaurant for another hour or so to wait for my flatmate so we could walk home together. A chocolate bar and a glass of cider helped my body to regain some energy and fall asleep at the same time.

Wednesday - ok, today was probably the worst EVER! Had to open up the restaurant at 8am and Gosh my friends now I'm really not a morning person. At least I managed to have a short breakfast break around 10am - and that was going to be the only food my body would see until about midnight... Once again we got SLAMMED!!! I guess being the official World Cup Bar has its downsides, too. We're just too popular a spot to be...

By the time I was supposed to sign off there were still heaps of people around, all wanting to have dinner before tonight's game: Tonga vs Japan in Whangarei. Dishes needed to be cleaned, cutlery to be polished and rolled, tables to be set, napkins to be folded... so I stayed until 5.30pm, then rushed to the hostel to have a shower and get changed for the game. Because - WOOHOO - I had bought myself a ticket *yay*

The game itself was good. I still don't know that much about rugby but I'm learning. And it was great to be at the stadium, experience the atmosphere. Compared to soccer games in Germany this is a whole different world. You get so close to the players you can almost shake hands! Barely any security around (lots of police patrouilling but apart from that all was easy-going and cruisy...). For 30 dollars me and my friends had perfect view over the field, sitting on picnic blankets on the grass cheering and enjoying ourselves.

Now my original plan was to maybe go for some drinks after the game. But instead what did I do? Went straight back to work. Because one of my colleagues had gotten sick and we were short of staff. And part of me just can't forget that I used to be a worcaholic *sigh* So I worked a few more hours, the chef was so kind as to cook me some steak and potatoes because by midnight I was not only starving but close to fainting from lack of water and energy. Finally got send home at 1am even though our place was still packed, the band still playing and people ordering one drink after the other. It was CRAZY!!!

Do you know the feeling of when you're past the point of being really tired? Your body just goes nuts and even though there's nothing you want more than close your eyes and go to sleep - you just can't. I guess that's why I'm sitting at my computer at 1.30 in the morning when I know exactly I have to get up in less than 6 hours and go back to work. For another 9 hour shift...

So in 3 days I have already worked more than 30 hours. There's going to be 8 or 9 more hours tomorrow - and the week is not even close to over... At least I have Friday off. My only day. Then at least 8 more hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. That will get me a new record - and oh my wallet is already singing about all the cash it will see.

I'm just sooo looking forward to this whole madness being over. Even though the rugby crowd is mostly easy-going and cheesy-peasy to handle - I'm yearning for sleep, a nice sleep-in in the morning, going out at night without counting down til you have to be back at work... I'd like to go on a vacation soon. Somewhere warm with lots of sunshine and beaches and cocktails and hammocks and hot guys *heehee* Would love to join a friend who's going to Bali soon but for that I don't have enough money yet and probably no time either *sigh* But soooooooon!!!

When little boys are bored

on September 20, 2011

Tonight was the second time since I have been appointed Duty Manager that I had to deal with the local police. This time, however, I wasn't really involved but instead did my duty as a loyal "citizen".

One of our customers witnessed some guys smearing graffiti allover the wall right across the street. And you know what those dumbarses did next??? Walk right over to our restaurant and sit down at the outside tables - even gave my colleague an attitude when she walked out and asked what they wanted (to get a better description of them). How bold is that?!?

Well, I called the police straight away and told them about the incident. 20mins later a policeguy came in and told me they caught those little rascals. All of them Maori boys aged 13 to 16 from the way they looked. Wonder what consequences they have to face? Just pity the shop owners across the road they won't be too happy when they come to work tomorrow...

The truth can hurt

on September 18, 2011

I saw Dan on Friday. In the last two weeks since the final break-up I've done some rather stupid stuff. They say love makes blind. But so does anger. And when are you ever angrier than when someone you truly love hurts you beyond imagination. Well, I've been really really hurt by Dan so no wonder all my anger was directed at him.

Once, however, the anger fades away all that's left is emptiness and sadness. And you wake up realizing how stupid you have been. So I did what I thought was right. I went to see him to apologize. It was horrible, awkward and seemed completely unreal. He didn't slam the door in my face which I guess was a good thing. He even accepted my apology and I got to say my final goodbye.

And while I was there I not only realized that it is really over. I also had to realize that - no matter how much it hurts - he was right. We are not compatible. What we had was beautiful. But we are at different stages in our life and it wasn't meant to last. We want different things in life, have different goals and ambitions. It's hard realizing that now. But at least now I can look back at what we had and remember the good times with a smile on my face.

Now I'm really ready to move on.

It's time to move on

on September 09, 2011

It's been excactly a week since Dan has dumped me. I'm not using the term "break-up" because for me a break-up requires an actual talk about things - just telling someone it's over without giving him/her at least a reason, an explanation or SOMETHING to work with - that is dumping. And I have been dumped like a hot potato. Why - I still don't know. I can only speculate. Maybe now that he's got a well-paid job he just doesn't need me anymore? After all - even if he doesn't like hearing me say that - I have supported him for half a year, paid all the bills - while he lived of his parent's money and played computer all day long. I have believed in this relationship, it has been special to me. And until a about two weeks ago he has made me believe that he cares for me, loves me and wants to be with me. Well, apparently not. Because he just dumped me.

On Tuesday I picked up my things from his place. Most of it he had neatly stacked on the kitchen table, had put it all out there for me - plates, kitchenware, put my CDs and DVDs in a plastic bag. Ready to go. Like saying "Now get the hell out of here". Hard to believe that not too long ago I thought he was the sweetest guy I've ever met. Maybe that's why I've found it so hard to move on.

But that's over now. It's time to start living my life again. He is not worth even one more tear. Actually I find him quite pathetic now and realize that I am better off without him. Someone who doesn't have the spine to face a problem but runs away like a little child has no place in my life.

So I've moved into my new "home". It's just a hostel for now, but a very nice one. Right in the middle of town so I can walk anywhere I need to go - even for a few drinks without needing to worry about how to get home ;-) I've got my own room - furnished - and awesome neighbors. There're five girls on my floor. One works at Domino's to support her studies, one is a chef at a local restaurant. We haven't cooked together, yet. But we're having slumber parties, DVD nights and are going out together having lots of fun. For now it's just the right place to be. Even the shower is hot *woohoo*

And I'm sure the next few days and weeks will be quite eventful so there's no more reason to pull a sad face. The rugby world cup starts tonight and we've been busy setting everything up at work for ages! There's a band playing tonight and we're showing the games on six or seven TVs plus a large screen. Looking forward to meeting all the sports fans from allover the world =D Should be a fun crowd. Heaps of tips, too - I hope...

Some people should rather stay alone

on September 02, 2011

A few mins ago this post was a long essay about the asshole who just broke my heart intending to make him feel miserable until eternity. Then I realized it's not going to change a thing and it won't make me feel better on the long run, either. I'd rather just stop caring and move on with my life.

So all I'm telling you tonight is that I'm single again. If you want to hear the bitch in me tell you the truth about what happened - feel free to ask.

And for all you guys out there: Yes, a relationship IS a commitment. Yes, it DOES involve a lot of effort and work. If you just wanna screw around for a while but aren't really interested in anything long-term - STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU BLOODY BASTARDS!!! I've had enough of your lies and false pretends. And one day, when you're old and wrinkly and bald and toothless and fat and impotent I hope you realize how lonely, empty and miserable your life has been AND is.