Free pizza anyone?

Do you know that awkward feeling when someone asks you to come along to a party but you neither know the hosts now anyone else except the friend asking? Well, I always get a bit shy around heaps of strangers so when I was asked to come along to a BBQ tonight where I neither knew the hosts nor anyone else apart from my friend I was indeed a little bit nervous. Mixing and mingling has never been my thing, I hate introducing myself over and over again, making a bit of small talk and then standing around on my own again because I am the odd one out.

Well - thanks to Domino's pizza there was no need to worry about that tonight. Why? I was the hero of the evening by pretty much getting free pizza for everone! Unintentionally, but nevertheless it happened...

My friend hadn't prepared anything for the BBQ but instead had the idea of just ordering some pizza and have it delivered to the party. One of the girls at my hostel works at Domino's so I volunteered for calling up and maybe getting a discount. I told her the address and that we will need about half an hour til we get to the party. Turns out she thought the pizza needs to be delivered within half an hour...

By the time we got to the party everyone was already happily munching on pizza inviting us to join them. They were all really happy because the pizza guy had sold them three massive pizzas for just ten dollars thinking that he'd got the wrong address and was never going to find the person who originally had ordered the pizza - me! Of course nobody at the BBQ knew my name so when Domino's had turned up they told him they didn't know anything about pizza nor the person having ordered it. The poor guy must have been extremely confused - and ended up dumping the pizza on their doorstep for a real bargain :-)

We arrived about 5mins after the pizza guy and when my friend introduced me everybody starting laughing! Yep, I was the pizza girl. You're very welcome :-) I've never experienced the ice breaking so fast between people. No need for long introductions and explanations who I was. I was the hero of the evening *lol*


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