Another Kiwi icon

on October 13, 2014

I don't think I've ever owned a pair of gum boots in my life. Not since childhood anyway. And even before that I can't remember ever having had one of these... Kiwis, however, grow up with them. Doesn't matter if you're living on a farm or in the city - every Kiwi owns at least one pair of gum boots.

In the past 4 years I have often been asked why I still don't have any and how on earth I could do without them. So yesterday I finally listened to my friends and colleagues and am now the proud owner of these - Made in New Zealand - gum boots :-)

Nothing flash, but they do the trick. Hopefully gone are now the days of me loosing my everyday shoes in the mud or getting stuck in the mud. We'll see...

Fun in the garden

on October 12, 2014

The weather is finally changing for the better (mostly) so the last few weekends we've been busy getting our garden ready for the next season. Harvested the rest of our swedes - we had roughly 200 to begin with (overkill as usual *lol*). We've been eating them bit by bit as you go, but there was still heaps left that now had to come out to make room for new plants. Ended up with a whole bucket of them, big and small, that we turned into swede soup.

Here is another of our projects from the weekend. Matt has decided to put our beans into a different spot than last year because they were taking away too much sun for everything else. So we had to put up a new climbing fence AND protection from the cows who regularly munch away in the neighbouring paddock. This is the BEFORE picture...

... and here is the AFTER picture. Only took us a few hours to complete the project, beans will be going in this week :-)

Fried broad beans and bacon

on October 11, 2014

Broad beans look beautiful in the garden, bushy and big white/purplish flowers. They are even better turned into food - Matt tried this great recipe for fried broad beans with bacon that we found on River Cottage. So delicious!

A big day out!

on October 05, 2014

For the first time since I've started looking after Au Pairs in Northland I had organized a trip for the girls (and boys). The plan was to do the big loop around to the West Coast, have a few stops along the way including Kai Iwi Lakes and Tane Mahuta, the ancient Kauri tree. It was such a great day and I was impressed with the crowd. We had 12 Au Pairs turn up! A few of them even came up from Hamilton which is a good 5 hour drive! Wow!

Started our morning at Whangarei Falls and made our way to Dargaville to pick up the last lot. By the time we arrived at Kai Iwi Lakes the weather slowly started to improve. It was still pretty windy and chilli, but at least the sun was showing itself.

Next stop was Tane Mahuta which I have seen numerous times over the past few years. Yet it is always a pleasure to see this majestic tree which is more than 2000 years old.

After a stop at the Lookout in Omapere/Opononi...

...we finally listened to our grumblinb tummies and had Fish & Chips for a late lunch. Matt - who was functioning as my loyal driver today - went for the Kaimoana Burger which was HUMUNGOUS! Couldn't finish it all...

Finished our day with a soak at Ngawha Springs which was just perfect - and apparently the highlight for most of the Au Pairs. Matt and I then went on to drop off my former host family's new Au Pair and had a lovely catch up with Pia, Philipp and the kids. What an awesome day =D