Fun in the garden

The weather is finally changing for the better (mostly) so the last few weekends we've been busy getting our garden ready for the next season. Harvested the rest of our swedes - we had roughly 200 to begin with (overkill as usual *lol*). We've been eating them bit by bit as you go, but there was still heaps left that now had to come out to make room for new plants. Ended up with a whole bucket of them, big and small, that we turned into swede soup.

Here is another of our projects from the weekend. Matt has decided to put our beans into a different spot than last year because they were taking away too much sun for everything else. So we had to put up a new climbing fence AND protection from the cows who regularly munch away in the neighbouring paddock. This is the BEFORE picture...

... and here is the AFTER picture. Only took us a few hours to complete the project, beans will be going in this week :-)


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