The truth can hurt

I saw Dan on Friday. In the last two weeks since the final break-up I've done some rather stupid stuff. They say love makes blind. But so does anger. And when are you ever angrier than when someone you truly love hurts you beyond imagination. Well, I've been really really hurt by Dan so no wonder all my anger was directed at him.

Once, however, the anger fades away all that's left is emptiness and sadness. And you wake up realizing how stupid you have been. So I did what I thought was right. I went to see him to apologize. It was horrible, awkward and seemed completely unreal. He didn't slam the door in my face which I guess was a good thing. He even accepted my apology and I got to say my final goodbye.

And while I was there I not only realized that it is really over. I also had to realize that - no matter how much it hurts - he was right. We are not compatible. What we had was beautiful. But we are at different stages in our life and it wasn't meant to last. We want different things in life, have different goals and ambitions. It's hard realizing that now. But at least now I can look back at what we had and remember the good times with a smile on my face.

Now I'm really ready to move on.


  1. Hey liebe Mara,
    das klingt ja alles in allem trotz des Schmerzes wieder ganz gut. Schön, dass du deinen Frieden damit geschlossen hast und auch der Meinung, dass es so das Beste ist. Dann kann der wirklich Richtige ja nur noch kommen!
    - Du hast grad wieder etwas mehr Geld? Dann überleg dir das mit Bali nochmal, ich gucke grad nach Flügen ;)
    LG vom anderen Down Under


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