It's time to move on

It's been excactly a week since Dan has dumped me. I'm not using the term "break-up" because for me a break-up requires an actual talk about things - just telling someone it's over without giving him/her at least a reason, an explanation or SOMETHING to work with - that is dumping. And I have been dumped like a hot potato. Why - I still don't know. I can only speculate. Maybe now that he's got a well-paid job he just doesn't need me anymore? After all - even if he doesn't like hearing me say that - I have supported him for half a year, paid all the bills - while he lived of his parent's money and played computer all day long. I have believed in this relationship, it has been special to me. And until a about two weeks ago he has made me believe that he cares for me, loves me and wants to be with me. Well, apparently not. Because he just dumped me.

On Tuesday I picked up my things from his place. Most of it he had neatly stacked on the kitchen table, had put it all out there for me - plates, kitchenware, put my CDs and DVDs in a plastic bag. Ready to go. Like saying "Now get the hell out of here". Hard to believe that not too long ago I thought he was the sweetest guy I've ever met. Maybe that's why I've found it so hard to move on.

But that's over now. It's time to start living my life again. He is not worth even one more tear. Actually I find him quite pathetic now and realize that I am better off without him. Someone who doesn't have the spine to face a problem but runs away like a little child has no place in my life.

So I've moved into my new "home". It's just a hostel for now, but a very nice one. Right in the middle of town so I can walk anywhere I need to go - even for a few drinks without needing to worry about how to get home ;-) I've got my own room - furnished - and awesome neighbors. There're five girls on my floor. One works at Domino's to support her studies, one is a chef at a local restaurant. We haven't cooked together, yet. But we're having slumber parties, DVD nights and are going out together having lots of fun. For now it's just the right place to be. Even the shower is hot *woohoo*

And I'm sure the next few days and weeks will be quite eventful so there's no more reason to pull a sad face. The rugby world cup starts tonight and we've been busy setting everything up at work for ages! There's a band playing tonight and we're showing the games on six or seven TVs plus a large screen. Looking forward to meeting all the sports fans from allover the world =D Should be a fun crowd. Heaps of tips, too - I hope...


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