When little boys are bored

Tonight was the second time since I have been appointed Duty Manager that I had to deal with the local police. This time, however, I wasn't really involved but instead did my duty as a loyal "citizen".

One of our customers witnessed some guys smearing graffiti allover the wall right across the street. And you know what those dumbarses did next??? Walk right over to our restaurant and sit down at the outside tables - even gave my colleague an attitude when she walked out and asked what they wanted (to get a better description of them). How bold is that?!?

Well, I called the police straight away and told them about the incident. 20mins later a policeguy came in and told me they caught those little rascals. All of them Maori boys aged 13 to 16 from the way they looked. Wonder what consequences they have to face? Just pity the shop owners across the road they won't be too happy when they come to work tomorrow...


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