This is crazy!

Did I actually say sometime last week that I wish it was always Rugby World Cup? Must have been blinded by the heaps of tips I made that day. Now I just want it to be over *uff* Here's just an overview of how this week is going to be like...

Monday - seemed to be a quiet start into the week with me not starting work until 4pm. Didn't get home until after 1am though because we had late-night dining customers and drinkers that just didn't want to leave.

Tuesday - Back to work at 11 o'clock in the morning. No breakfast - because I haven't had time to do grocery shopping in more than two weeks. As the day went on we got busier and busier and actually had to call in more staff to help out during the late lunch rush. By 4.30pm I was officially starving and finally managed to go on a 10 minute break to shuffle some food into my body. Dinner was busy as well with heaps of Japanese fans coming in and for some reason quite a few French people, too. Finally finished work at 10pm - after an 11 hour shift - but hung around the restaurant for another hour or so to wait for my flatmate so we could walk home together. A chocolate bar and a glass of cider helped my body to regain some energy and fall asleep at the same time.

Wednesday - ok, today was probably the worst EVER! Had to open up the restaurant at 8am and Gosh my friends now I'm really not a morning person. At least I managed to have a short breakfast break around 10am - and that was going to be the only food my body would see until about midnight... Once again we got SLAMMED!!! I guess being the official World Cup Bar has its downsides, too. We're just too popular a spot to be...

By the time I was supposed to sign off there were still heaps of people around, all wanting to have dinner before tonight's game: Tonga vs Japan in Whangarei. Dishes needed to be cleaned, cutlery to be polished and rolled, tables to be set, napkins to be folded... so I stayed until 5.30pm, then rushed to the hostel to have a shower and get changed for the game. Because - WOOHOO - I had bought myself a ticket *yay*

The game itself was good. I still don't know that much about rugby but I'm learning. And it was great to be at the stadium, experience the atmosphere. Compared to soccer games in Germany this is a whole different world. You get so close to the players you can almost shake hands! Barely any security around (lots of police patrouilling but apart from that all was easy-going and cruisy...). For 30 dollars me and my friends had perfect view over the field, sitting on picnic blankets on the grass cheering and enjoying ourselves.

Now my original plan was to maybe go for some drinks after the game. But instead what did I do? Went straight back to work. Because one of my colleagues had gotten sick and we were short of staff. And part of me just can't forget that I used to be a worcaholic *sigh* So I worked a few more hours, the chef was so kind as to cook me some steak and potatoes because by midnight I was not only starving but close to fainting from lack of water and energy. Finally got send home at 1am even though our place was still packed, the band still playing and people ordering one drink after the other. It was CRAZY!!!

Do you know the feeling of when you're past the point of being really tired? Your body just goes nuts and even though there's nothing you want more than close your eyes and go to sleep - you just can't. I guess that's why I'm sitting at my computer at 1.30 in the morning when I know exactly I have to get up in less than 6 hours and go back to work. For another 9 hour shift...

So in 3 days I have already worked more than 30 hours. There's going to be 8 or 9 more hours tomorrow - and the week is not even close to over... At least I have Friday off. My only day. Then at least 8 more hours on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. That will get me a new record - and oh my wallet is already singing about all the cash it will see.

I'm just sooo looking forward to this whole madness being over. Even though the rugby crowd is mostly easy-going and cheesy-peasy to handle - I'm yearning for sleep, a nice sleep-in in the morning, going out at night without counting down til you have to be back at work... I'd like to go on a vacation soon. Somewhere warm with lots of sunshine and beaches and cocktails and hammocks and hot guys *heehee* Would love to join a friend who's going to Bali soon but for that I don't have enough money yet and probably no time either *sigh* But soooooooon!!!


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