New beginnings I

Do you guys remember when I was telling you Matt and I might be moving soon? Well - we did =D We found a wonderful house not as close to the beach as Waipu but a hundred times better! We now have a fire place which has been keeping us warm every night since we've moved in (thank you my darling for cutting all that wood!). We're still lacking heaps of furniture, but we've got a pull-out couch to sleep on, a dining table (with no chairs) and a fridge (that actually works!).

We've started a bit of gardening but because we've both been sick and I've been working lots of weekends not much has happened so far. But we're getting there. Our landlords are awesome, really nice - and they let us have our peace ;-) Did I mention we have little lambs behind our backyard fence? And Tuis singing and Rosellas chirping... what a blessing!


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