Back to Gospel

Matt and I have long been talking about going to church. He's a Christian but was a bit unhappy with some of the 'institutions' in town. So we decided to give the little Fellowship near our home a try. Now those who know me know I haven't been raised beliving in God. Yet whenever I joined friends or my American host family for church I mostly had a good time.

What has drawn me most to church, though, is the music. One thing I have dearly missed in the past 3 years since coming to New Zealand is Gospel music. After almost 4 years with the Little Lights of LE it was hard to give up singing. I've tried a couple of choirs here in Whangarei but it just wasn't the same. Well, it seems I've finally found it again! The church service wasn't at all what I had expected. No long sermons or ceremonies - but instead a lot of worship through song. Just what I was looking for.

And the funny part? Matt surprisingly turned around and asked me if I really knew all these songs. Nope - apart from Amazing Grace I didn't know ANY. But once a musician always a musician I guess *heehee* I really enjoyed it and might even be able to bring some of the gospel songs from my old choir back in Germany to the next service. Now I just have to get a hold of some of the music sheets so the guy on the piano can accompany us...


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