Thank you Hikurangi

It's been almost 1.5 years since I've started my work as an Education Support Worker (ESW) where I help special needs children at childcare centers. I've had a few children since and enjoyed working with every single one of them - despite some of the challenges with naturally come with this sort of job.

Looking back to when I first started I am still grateful that my first assignments took place in Hikurangi. The staff at "my" childcare center has been wonderful. From the very first day I felt like part of the team - and I have learnt HEAPS.

With the last of "my" children from that center going off to school, however, my days at that center are numbered. I will miss the children and my lovely colleagues and hope that one day I will be able to return (I already threatened them I'd come back as a student once I start my degree *heehee*). We had a little birthday-/farewell-lunch going on yesterday and I got these beautiful flowers from the center and some candles.

Thank you guys for everything! The past 15 months with you have been an unforgettable time full of learning, playing (*ggg*) and memories I will treasure. YOU ROCK!


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