I've always been interested in where I - and therefore my family - have come from. When I went on holiday to Germany I got heaps of information about my mom's side of the family thanks to one of my aunties who has been looking after our family tree etc. The last few days and weeks I've started putting everything together, using to build up the family tree.

Thanks to the documents - mostly obtained during Hitler's reign to prove that there's no Jewish blood running in your family - I have been able to trace our family roots back to early 1800. It's AMAZING! It looks like some of my ancestors have come from areas that would nowadays be in the Czech Republic and Poland. Not a lot of globetrotting so far, but I'm only just beginning...


  1. Hi Mara,
    It's amazing what you can find out isn't it? SAdly I haven't been able to find out much about my family but JP and I sined up to with the global package as well and we have found out sooooo much stuff already...
    JP's ancestors were amazing and there is so much stuff about. Jp's Grandma's cousin was a German actress, his great-great-grandfather was mayor of Leicester and is in a painting in the National Gallery and another great-great-grandfather invented elastic webbing. He had his own factory and when he died left the family several millions in nowadays' currency. They sold his patents and technology to NASA and the seats for one of the appollo rockets used that same elastic webbing. We are amazed. There are also books about - we have aready found 3 books that family members have written or that have been written about them. Really exciting stuff.
    Hope you have joy exploring and find loads.
    Much love and hopefully chat soon xxxxxx
    jenny and Jp xxx

  2. Hi Jenny... yeah so far I'm a bit disappointed - it seems like there isn't much information for families who have basically been based in Germany for the last few centuries. I only get hints with US ship lists etc though it clearly says my ancestors (the ones I know about) have been born and died in Germany... but I'm still putting all the information into the family tree and am far from finished. Takes AGES but it's a nice task and hopefully one day I'll make a big discovery =D


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