New beginnings

For quite some time now I've been trying to get a full-time job but - for the umptieth time - I've recently been turned down. Again.

But not all is bad. Instead of getting a full-time job that I might not even enjoy I have yesterday started a new part-time job (that makes 3 now) that I know will satisfy me. On top of my work with special needs children at kindy I will now also provide respite care for families with special needs children/teenagers.

Starting with a few shifts this week and really excited :-) it will once again be a challenge juggling all the jobs around each other. But hopefully I will finally work enough hours to be able to start saving a bit.

The good side about part-time work is I will still have opportunities like yesterday and stop at a beautiful spot like the Whangarei Falls to enjoy a lunch picnic :-)


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