New beginnings

2012 is bound to be a good year =D Summer has finally arrived (although last night was so cold that I needed woollen socks and a fleece jacket and there was a bit of frost on the cars parked outside the hostel this morning) and my days as a lazy bum (meaning unemployed) are about to be over *woohoo* Just before Christmas I had a job interview with a lady more or less from the Ministry of Education for a position as Education Support Work (where you work with kids that have special needs in kindergarten).

They told me straight after the interview I was hired and they were going to get back to me with details and my contract. Hadn't heard from then since and was really getting worried. But - yesterday I finally managed to get someone on the phone - and I will start working for them next week =D It will only be part-time and apparently not too many hours yet. I will know more when I sign the contract on Friday.

BUT there is more good news. I just got back from another job interview and if both employers are ok with it I will also start working part-time as a Community Support Worker (which is mostly assisting elderly people with daily chores or caring for injured/disabled people). Since that will be more flexible with hours I should be able to juggle things around and end up with enough to equal a full-time job. At least after a while once  igbet more and more clients.

I am really looking forward to these new challenges. I've always enjoyed working with people but being in hospitality full-time just wasn't the right thing for me. I'm still doing the odd hours as a waitress at my old job helping out if someone calls in sick or whatever. But even after having been back there for a few days has confirmed my decision to leave.

Meanwhile I've started looking for a car as I will definitely need one with my new jobs coming up. Haven't found one I can afford, yet, so might have to rely on my own feet, the bike my brother gave me almost a year ago for my birthday (which up to this day hasn't been used) and public transport - bad as it is up here. I'm still confident things will work themselves out. Always have one way or other.


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