Fresh fish is the best!!!

There's two things I know for sure about being with Matt. 1. Life will never be boring. 2. I will never starve. It's half an hour past midnight and I just had a massive feed - crumbed fish (freshly caught Trevally and Kawai), veges (from Matt's dad's garden) and home-baked chips. Gosh, I'm full... and what a day it has been...

After cutting our camping trip short due to weather conditions we spent most of yesterday and today unpacking, doing TONS of laundry and re-arranging our gear. Close to midnight on New Year's Eve I watched DINNER FOR ONE - it's a British comedy sketch from the 1960s that is very popular at this time of the year in Germany and is normally played by every single TV station at some point during the last night of every year. Matt didn't think it was as hilarious as I do but I guess despite him having a British mom he's just not used to the British humor *lol*

Have a look for yourself... here's the YouTube-video I found...

Anyway... I enjoyed it a lot =D Haven't seen it for a while. The rest of the night we looked at all the pictures we have taken during our camping trip (about 400) and relived the funny and adventurous moments we had. More about the trip including pictures will follow soon as promised.

After finally having finished cleaning etc Matt's first question was: "What are we doing today? Where are we going?" Having a car is really handy - thank you again heaps, Angie!!! Since I'm actually starting to learn how to fish (yes, I really am...), the weather was nice and the sea pretty calm we decided to go back to "my rock". Those of you who read my blog regularly - that's the one where I thought I was going to drown a few weeks ago. But we went when the tide was low so this time I had no problems climbing onto the rock - with a rod in my hand! Here's a picture - you can see a figure in the distance which would be Matt. That is where we have to climb to in order to fish - and where he caught some massive ones today =D

Before that I spent hours and hours searching the sand for little shells, cat's eyes, rocks and whatever crossed my eyes. I love being at the beach. Matt caught heaps of kinna (sea urchins) which I tried but didn't really like. While searching for them he found this huge sea shell for me which will get a special place in my room. I need some more shelves and window sills and containers to store all the things I/we keep finding at the beach :-)


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