Never turn your back to the sea

I learnt heaps today. About fishing. About Matt. About me. About us. About the sea... Since I get to use a friend's car while she's overseas Matt and I went on a spontaneous fishing trip this morning. Got up at 4.45am and drove out towards Whangarei Heads to one of his favorite spots. The weather, however, wasn't very pleasant. Lots of rain, harsh wind, high waves... so the rock we climbed on was pretty dangerous even for his standards so we decided to go somewhere else.

Well, if I had thought the first place was bad - the second was AWFUL! Or actually... not so much the spot. We climbed down a grassy cliff which wasn't too bad, but then had to climb out onto rocks about 50 to 100 meters offshore. The climb there was already quite adventurous for a city girl like me. I still remember when Pia and Philip took me out to the waterfall on their farm a little more than a year ago. I had a little meltdown then because I wasn't used to balancing over rocks, through rivers and whatever else mother nature beholds...

Anyway... I felt the same today. Climing onto the rocks was hard enough and I recovered while Matt was fishing away (or trying to - not many fish around today...). But then the tide started coming in and the more often I looked back to those rocks I wondered how on earth was I ever going to get back? It was slippery as, the tidal waves were MASSIVE and the rocks that I already had trouble balancing on on the way in were now under water. I could actually see myself either falling off those rocks, banging my head somewhere and drowning - or simply being stuck until the tide was going out again.

Well... it's been a hard return journey, believe me. Once again I had a little meltdown, I was scared to shit and close to weeing my pants (little wuzz...). Matt wasn't sure whether to yell at me, laugh, cuddle me or simply leave me behind. I guess in the end he did a bit of everything - except leaving me behind. He carried my stuff over first (why on earth did I take my expensive camera with me?!?) then waited more or less patiently for me to calm down and helped me make it back to the beach in one piece.

I did manage and now, a few hours later, I am actually proud of myself and what I have achieved today. But man I was soaking wet from head to toe, fuming and crying all at once... I wish I could show you some pictures to share the adventure - but I had a few other thoughts on my mind than getting snapshots today... Got this one though off the rock, nice scenery, isn't it?


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