I am not Bear Grylls

There is a polular show over here on TV hosted by Bear Grylls, the youngest Briton who ever climbed Mount Everest when he was only 23. The TV show is about is numerous expeditions through the wilderness in any possible place on earth. He gives advice on how to behave, how to survive and does the most extreme stuff out there.

Well, I'm a city girl - and in no way fit for the wilderness at all. As I had once again to acknowledge when Pia und Philip took me and three other guests staying at the farm on a "hike" to the waterfall that's on one of the paddocks. I had no idea at all what I was getting myself into. I knew it was not going to be a relaxing walk through the grass - but neither had I expected to have to balance over slippery stones to cross a river, getting wet and muddy all the way up to my knees, almost crawling through the forest, climbing uphill...

Of course I was neither wearing appropriate footwear nor the right jacket oder clothes at all to go on an adventure like this. I was worried sick about my camera getting soaked that was dangling from my shoulder, my feet were aching from the sharp stones I kept stepping on. Most of the time I had no idea where to step next because I couldn't see the ground anymore.

Let's face it - I'm a wimp. At some point I was close to breaking down. I sent my boots flying along the river not giving a damn about anything anymore. I was ready to sit down where I was and wait for a helicopter to pick me up again. Sounds pretty lame, doesn't it? If it wasn't for Pia who stayed with me and gave me a hand every now and then I probably would have done just that.

But - in the end I made it. All the way to the waterfall. And looking back (at the time I was there I was too mad at the world to appreciate anything) it was definitely worth the "hike". Or what do you think?

Now that I know what I'm getting into I might actually do it again. But just maybe... Wanna see more pictures of the Falls and the farm? Follow this link to Facebook :-)


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