My new toy :-)

I am really excited - I'm starting my new job today *woohoo* My body isn't quite used to getting up that early anymore but I'm sure it'll soon adjust. Right now I'm not only looking forward to working with children but also to actually get to work - in my new car =D

Since the kindergarten I'll be working at is half an hour away from town I rather sooner than later needed a vehicle to get me there. Been looking on TradeMe for a while but nothing came up that A was affordable and B reliable enough to last a few months at least. Until this weekend.

It was a rather spontaneous action but the girl was anxious to sell and I anxious to buy. So she came around yesterday, I had a little test drive around the block and when Matt and Rob (guy that works at the hostel) gave their approval as well - we had a deal =D

There's still a few things that need to be fixed before the next WoF (Warrant of Fitness for all non-Kiwis - similar to TÜV in Germany) but the estimated costs are reasonable. Will see how she goes on the open road today and hope she doesn't die on me or break down. That'd be a laugh...


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