Snip, snap - SNAPPER!

Kiwi summers are about two things mainly - beach and BBQ. And since we finally had a sunny weekend and my trip to Auckland got cancelled (wanted to go to a Roxette concert, had bought tickets AGES ago - then it got cancelled only Friday night because the singer had fallen sick on the plane) I decided to spend my weekend on the beach =D Mattt was working Saturday so I had the whole day to myself and after about 1.5 years went to my favorite beach again: Matapouri along the Tutukaka Coast. It's about 40mins per car from Whangarei, a rather windy road at times but very scenic. I went for a swim in the cool ocean, battled some minor waves and took a looong sunbath. Life is good =D

Sunday I let Matt decide where to go and he opted for Oakura which is towards Helena Bay and Russell. Awesome choice (pictures will follow)! While he climbed along the rocks and hills to find a good fishing spot I again enjoyed the lazy life at the beach.

Once the sun started hiding behind the clouds and the wind got stronger I grabbed "my" rod and followed Matt along the rocks. I must say I'm getting more and confident jumping from stone to stone, climbing uphill and finding my way through the bush. Only got stuck on a rather steep bit once but luckily a local teenager came by and "saved" me *lol*

Once I reached Mattt he was all excited - he had caught a STINGRAY!!! A massive one, too. Poor thing was stuck on his hook - we didn't intend to take it home. Matt has tried stingray before and didn't like it - and I just think they are too beautiful to be slaughtered. First time I've seen one in the wild! What an adventure =D Matt managed to cut the poor thing off the hook but couldn't put it back into the ocean as it had a long barb that could kill you. So we left it in a rock pool filled with water and for those who are as concerned as I was - by the time we left the tide was coming in again and a big wave took the stingray right back to where it belonged =D

Later on we also saw a pool of dolphins swim by! And Matt caught enough fish to last us weeks *ggg* Some good-sized Kahawai and a snapper. I didn't catch anything, but at least I'm getting really good at casting and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until I hook something...

We ended the day with a typical Kiwi summer tradition - a BBQ at the beach. Smoked fish, lamb chops and Kamo Kamo (a bit like a massive sized zucchini). What a perfect weekend =D


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