I'm a tenor!!!

If you know something about music you might look at the headline and think - doesn't she know anything about music?!? Yes, I do. I've been a soprano all my live, a soprano II at my last choir in Germany, the Little Lights of LE. I haven't found a new choir yet and have missed singing ever since I arrived in New Zealand.

Well, the search is over =D Last night I went to a New Member Night with the Whangarei Harmony Chorus - and absolutely loved it! It's an all-women choir in the style of American Barber Shop. A capella, no instruments, four voices. As the barbershop was based on men's voices it remains like that until today - so you have your lead (melody), bass, baritone and tenor.

There were three younger girls including me, everybody else is between 40 and 70 I'd say. Apparently they have a few troubles finding younger voices for the "high pitched tenor" which normally sings the part just above the lead. So they were quite happy to put us three there. And it was awesome! We did an interpretation of Elvis' "Love me tender" and already learned a whole new song. Practice is once a week and lasts THREE HOURS!!! That's going to be interesting... But I'm really looking forward to it =D


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