A typical Kiwi Christmas

This year Matt and I spent the holidays with his younger sister in Te Awamutu, a small town near Hamilton. Even during my third year I'm still not used to a summer Christmas and didn't feel very festive at all. But I had an awesome time thanks to the hospitality of Sarah's in-laws... They even had made a special Christmas tree ornament for us - a tradition they seem to have for everyone who has spent or is spending a Christmas with them. Isn't that lovely?

Christmas Eve we all went to the local pub where Sarah is working, had a few drinks and played pool all night. Matt and I were the champions *yeehaw* - won every single game =D In Germany it would have been present time by now but of course in New Zealand Santa doesn't come until Christmas Day. When it was finally time to unwrap presents everybody seemed more interested in the wrapping paper - we had the MEAN fights *lol* You didn't know where to hide because there was paper flyring around everywhere. Good fun!

Later on it got so hot that Sarah and I sneaked into the kitchen to fill up a water gun. Seems like we don't only look alike but think alike, too *heehee* Didn't take long for everone to get absolutely drenched in water. Gosh that felt GOOD!!!

The boys and I also had a shooting competition - yes, with a real gun. And guess what - I beat every single one of them (except for Sarah's partner who beat me by one shot in the final shoot-out - but it was his gun, so he had home advantage anyway...)

Once again it's been a very untypical Christmas for me - but a very typical Kiwi one *lol* Wonder what's in store for us next year...


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