Who are you?

My first week as a childcare educator was FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely love it :-) The kids are amazing, my new colleagues lovely as can be... I did lots of facepainting and messy play, answered about a couple thousand questions, helped remove an acorn from a child's nose, applied plasters, gave cuddles and much much more. A typical week *lol* The most popular question was "What's your name again?" And I got mistaken by quite a few kids for a mom - they were trying to figure out who my child was and why I was hanging around so much *ggg* One child in particular just would not believe I was one of the teachers (he told me so more than a few times...) Today I finally got my shirt with our centre logo on it - and you won't believe what difference that made! All the sudden the kids came up to me asking why I was wearing that shirt and if I was now a teacher... you just gotta love them :-)


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