Stop the silence

Kia ora everyone,

sorry for the long silence. Been having some financial shortcuts and wasn't able to top-up my internet. But I'm still alive and active =D Here's a few things that have happened since my last post...

* Matt and I have been fishing at Mimiwhangata and I have caught my first fish on my own rod *woohoo* Mostly Kahawai, but also a few Snapper and a Trevally. I'm proud as and will share some pictures and videos with you as soon as possible. Matt thinks I'm a rather funny fisherman because I talk to my fish all the time *lol* He's also finished his smoker so we're now enjoying beautiful and juicy smoked fish (and happy to swap it for meat or other yummy things!).

* I've once again spent quite a bit of time at the police. Last Saturday two cops came knocking on my door at the hostel and took me straight to the station. But don't worry. I'm still being a good girl *lol* Some asshole had stolen lots of our food the day he moved out of the hostel and we reported it to the police. So I just had to give my official statement at the station. Next step will be having him arrested and hopefully found guilty for theft. That'll teach him.

* Today is the big day - my Immigration Application is ready, I've got all my paperwork together. So we're seeing a Justice of Peace today to get everything stamped and certified - and THEN we'll finally send it off. I'm getting really anxious - I have waiting and not being able to do anything to change your situation. My current visa expires in 5 weeks. And it's entirely up to Immigration to decide whether I can stay here with Matt or not.

That's the latest news for today. I'll keep you posted when anything happens and put some pics and videos online as soon as I get my internet sorted.

Ka kite guys =D


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