Happy News

Everything is going to work out. How can it now, when everything AFTER my visa has expired is already in place? Just got a little payrise AND after the holidays will pick up another little girl to work with at kindy. It's just meant to be, there's no denying it =D

Speaking of that - after getting the application for my police certificate on the way on Friday straight after receiving the letter from immigration I spent another half hour yesterday with a Justice of Peace. Wrote up a Statutory (or whatever it's called) Declaration stating I've never been convicted and have no charges or whatever against me. Apparently that and evidence that I have applied for my police certificate will be enough for immigration at this point to at least make them accept my application until my PC arrives.

So this is Take II, we'll see what happens this time. Please everybody still keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Hey Mara,
    natürlich drücke ich Dir vom Genfersee aus alles, was sich irgendwie drücken lässt, damit das klargeht mit Deinem Visum!

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  3. Danke Siggi =D Ich wollt mich die Tage auch mal wieder bei Dir melden, nachdem ich fast zwei Monate quasi ohne Internet war... Hoffe bei Dir läuft alles gut und Du genießt das Leben!!!

    @Unreel: Welcome to my website, guys! I think I've seen a few videos of you on YouTube as my partner is crazy about fishing =D


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