Save the dog :-)

Just a quick note tonight as my free wifi at the hostel isn't working... Milford Sound yesterday was absolutely stunning!!! I'll write about it when I'm back in Whangarei and can show you some pics. But let me tell you it's one of the most remarkable places I've ever seen...

Today I decided to catch the bus and head into Arrowtown - a former goldmining town with a Chinese settlement. You get there via local transport, it takes about half an hour and costs $16 return. There's pretty much just one main street and everything reminds you of a typical western country town. There's heaps of cafes though and shops to spend your money.

Far cheaper are the walksaround the area. The easiest is called the Centennial Walk and takes you in a loop along the Arrow River. It's very scenic and only takes about an hour but there's a few spots to stop and relax. At one little patch of beach I helped an elderly lady rescue her dog *lol* or should I rather say I saved the lady from getting wet? Her dog had jumped into the river and wouldn't come back out and she'd lost the leash. Not sure how long she'd been standing there and shouting by the time I came along but she looked pretty desperate. So I took off my shoes, rolled up my pants and went into the ice-cold and knee-deep water to grab her dog. You should have seen how relieved she was!

Back in Queenstown I treated myself to a proper meal. Can't live on crackers and apples all the time. Found a pub by the waterfront that had steaks for $10!!! Choice :-) Ran into a nice German girl who was so hungry that she finished my leftovers *lol* ended up spending the evening together and then had a huge ice-cream cone from Patagonia. My tummy will hopefully forgive me. I've sinned quite a lot today foodwise and will probably be sick tomorrow


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