Kia ora Mr. Strang!

For those of you who don't use Facebook here's my picture of the day..

That is me with a very special customer I served today who had my heart thumping and me drooling *lol* This is Blair Strang - one of the main actors of my favorite Kiwi TV show Nothing Trivial. It is about a pub quiz team, their lives, dramas and sorrows and everything else life has in stock for you. I absolutely loved it (the first sean just finished a few weeks ago) and can't wait for the second season to start!!!

I served Mr. Strang and his family like any other customer but when I brought over the bill I couldn't resist asking for an autograph and this lovely picture :-) He was more than happy to fulfil my wish and we even had a little talk. Apparently he's been to Germany even before the wall came down!

Thank you Mr. Strang for this unforgetable day =D


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