New Zealand's West Coast is WILD

Half of my holiday is already over. After spending three days in the bush along New Zealand's West Coast without cellphone coverage or internet connection Matt and I arrived safely in Queenstown yesterday. I don't even know where to begin to tell you about all the fantastic things we've seen along the way! Until now I never really quite believed people going on about how much more amazing the Sth Island is compared to the Nth. But having been here for almost a week I completely understand their admiration. None of the stories have been exaggerated.

I wish I could share some of the hundreds of pics with you I've taken so far but that will have to wait until I'm back in Whangarei next week. In the past four days I've driven approx. 1000km all the way from Christchurch to Queenstown via Arthur's Pass - New Zealand's highest settlement - Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox glacier and through the beautiful wilderness of the Haast.

One of my most memorable moments was spotting a little seal right at Haast Beach
Matt's favorite thing was fishing his way along the West Coast lakes but unfortunately our planned trout dinner didn't happen. He did catch a perch though after only 5mins but since we've both never heard of that fish we let the poor fellow go again.

The only thing spoiling our trip a bit was the weather as it was pouring down most of the time. Especially around Lake Wanaka we were freezing!!! But the coldest ever awaited us yesterday in Queenstown. It was SNOWING!!! And not just a little bit. It was enough for me to show Matt how to make a proper snowman :-) he said that was the second time in his life he's seen snow..
Well I honestly didn't think I'd experience a proper winter in Aotearoa. Especially not in November! Last year this time I was sunbathing at the beach *lol*

Dropped Matt off at the airport this morning feels weird to be alone again and I do miss my travel buddy. But I've started exploring the city on my own already and found a beautiful walk from the airport into town along Lake Wakatipu. More information will follow later accompanied by heaps of pictures :-)

Might drive into Arrowtown tomorrow and depending on how much money I have left I'll book a day trip to Milford Sound for next week. I'll keep you updated...


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