What I really wanna do

I've been quite unhappy with my work for a long time now. Being a waitress was alright for a while, but it's not really what I want to do for the rest of my life. Also with sommer coming up I don't want to be spending all my time at work while my friends are having fun at the beach. Especially since I might be kicked out of the country next year and I realyl don't want to go back to Germany telling everybody I haven't seen much of the country because I've been working all the time. After all that was one of the reasons why I left Germany. And now I was making the same mistake allover again? I don't think so. My body has been telling me weeks and weeks and weeks ago that it's had enough of those irregular hours. It wants a break. As does my soul.

I've been talking about a career change for more than half a year now. Ever since working for Pia and Philip as an Au Pair I have realized working with children is what I really want to do. Being a waitress I just never found the energy or the time to actually pursue that career and find out what my options would be.

Well, during my holiday (pictures and more information on how beautiful the South Island is are yet to come) I realized that I really don't just need a break from hospitality. I am OVER IT! I am ready for a change, ready to move on.

So the first thing I did when I went back to work last Friday - I handed in my notice. Now I have about 3 weeks left to find something new. Otherwise I will be unemploeyed by Christmas. It is quite scary - but on the other hand I feel really relieved. All the sudden all those things that have been bothering me at work don't seem that important anymore. Because I know I don't have to endure them for much longer.

And all the sudden I also find the energy to step towards my new career. I have send 5 applications in the last 5 days. Not all for childcare, but at least 9-to-5-jobs with regular hours and a regular payment. Those words sound like heaven on earth in my ears... Also a few opportunities have arisen to get a foot in the door with early childcare. I will keep you posted. And please keep your fingers crossed that I will find a new job before the new year arrives!!!


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