A city struck by nature's force

Matt and I have safely arrived in Christchurch. Today we set off to explore the city - or at least what's left of it. After the two massive earthquakes this year you can still see signs of destruction everywhere. The entire CBD is fenced off and there's cranes and piles of bricks everywhere. Reading tourist guides for Christchurch doesn't make much sense right now as the major attractions such as the Cathedral aren't accessible. We've taken heaps of pictures while walking walking through what felt a bit like a cemetery. The only beautiful thing was the little river that winds its way through the city. I couldn't believe how clear the water was! Pictures are to follow soon, forgot to take any with my phone to share and my laptop is back at the Y in Whangarei.

BTW our hostel here in Christchurch is awesome! I found one right next to the beach on New Brighton, only 5mins ffom the pier. We started our day with a stroll along the beach this morning enjoying a beautiful hot and sunny day. Matt got some tips for trout fishing as he's going to take care of our food supply once we get to the West Coast :-)

Picking up our campervan early tomorrow morning. It's been downsized though to a 2ppl one so it will easier for me to drive *lol* Off to bed now got a lot of driving ahead of us tomorrow.


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