Immigration New Zealand: Step II

It's been a few weeks since I managed to talk to an Immigration Officer about my plans to stay in New Zealand. I didn't have much time to organise things while my family was here. But now that my brother and my mom have returned to Germany and I'm getting back into my daily routine I finally started taking some actions.

Number one: I went to the doctor's today to set up everything that's needed for my medical. We filled out some of the forms and the first few tests that she took were all good.

Number two: The worst part will come next week. I need to have a few blood tests done, that's what I'm dreading most (needlephobia *wäh*). I hope I'll get the same lady who took my blood last time - she was finished before I could even think about starting to panic!

Number three: Also on the list for next week is a chest X-ray. I don't see any problems with this as I'm 100 percent suer I don't suffer from tuberculosis.

The good thing is - I don't need appointments for either of those, just show up and get it over with. Also the results should be back within one or two days the doctor said - which is great! On the medical form they talk about WEEKS! But I guess that's the good part about being in a rather small neighboorhood everybody knows everybody and things get done a lot faster...

Number four on the list will be another visit at the doctor's to talk about the results and fill out a questionnaire for Immigration. If everything goes well I should have completed this part by the end of the month *woohoo*

Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks! Because if it turns out that I don't have an "Acceptable Standard Of Health" (official immigration language!!!) I don't even need to bother with a visa appllication.

By the way, the medical form also says this: "If you intend to give birth in New Zealand you are not considered to have an acceptable standard of health." So no more hints or recommendations of that sort, please...


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