One step closer...

I finally got hold of an immigration officer yesterday and my hopes of being able to stay in the country have been raised considerably. Though two of three options I kinda had were basically ruled out. Going for residency under the Skilled Migrant Category as a journalist? Very unlikely to succeed without a job offer in New Zealand. Getting help from my current boss at the restaurant? Very unlikely to succeed. "He'd have a hard time convincing us why a foreigner is needed as a waitress and why no Kiwi could do that job." That's what the guy on the phone said anyway...

And then he asked me "Don't you have a partner who has a New Zealand passport?" - They actually ask you that!!! And obviously the partnership-based work permit is the best option I have. So what does that mean? Both, Dan and I, need to fill out a couple of forms. I to apply for the work permit, he to state that yes he is my boyfriend and yes he would support me.

I will also need to get a full medical done including a chest x-ray and heaps of blood tests. That kinnda freaks me out because me and needles are not exactly on good terms ;-/ I will probably need a week to recover from that...

We also need "evident proof that we are in a stable relationship". There's heaps of different documents and things they'll accept so we'll have to start collecting stuff now. But if I don't fail the medical it shouldn't be a problem even though we've only been together for three months now. Because according to the immigration guy they don't really give a damn about how long you've been seeing each other.

Well, I have four months left on my current visa and it will take about two to process my application for the next one. Doesn't sound too bad, ay? Plus once my application is accepted I'll get an interims permit that allows me to stay AND work in the country until a decision has been made. So all good for now, my back feels a lot lighter now that I have all this information...

Has anybody been in the same situation before?


  1. Oy, I know loads of people who have stayed in both NZ and Australia because of partner visas. Seems to be pretty easy and one of the easiest ways to stay.

    I am all about doing it yourself and I managed to get a very long term temp job that lasted longer then my visa and had to apply for a regular work permit to cover the whole thing. Since this was back in 2007 I was approved in like 3 weeks.

    Don't worry too much about the medical. I hadn't been to the doctor in years and hate needles too and passed with flying colors. Oddly, it was the urine sample I had the most issue with (sorry for TMI).

    Good luck!


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