The family is reunited

It's been ten days now that my mom and my brother have arrived in New Zealand. Keeping them happy and entertained wasn't easy at first. My brother's initial plan had been to cycle New Zealand - but since he came here with an ear and throat infection that was out of the question. Daniel showed them around a bit while I was working but still after a few days they got pretty bored. So they finally agreed to rent a car and have been exploring Northland for the last couple days.

They should be back tonight and then we're starting on a trip south (of Auckland) showing them the beauties of New Zealand's north island. It's going to be a similar trip to the one I've just done in January but that gives me the chance to lay back and relax a bit this time instead of playing busy tourist *lol*

Here's a few pictures of the things we've done and seen in the last few days...

Me, my Mom and my brother near the Waipoua Forest Visitor's Center.

Daniel and I in front of Tane Mahuta...

... and going for a swim at Kai Iwi Lakes while those Europeans are busy taking pictures ;-) (I think they were just chickening out thinking the water was too cold for them!!!)


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