That was my 2010

Similar to last year I'd like to take some time to look back at the year that's passing and take a glance at the one ahead. Simply by answering a few questions...

Main feeling when looking back at 2010?
It started out rather horrible with more downs then ups. But towards the end joy and pleasure were the feelings my heart was experiencing most =D

What did you do for the first time in 2010?
Went fishing. Went swimming in the winter (in the ocean!). Made myself homeless and unemployed at the same time. Watched a rugby game.

Lost or gained weight?
Lost a lot of psychological burden, probably gained a few pounds working at the computer all the time ;-/

City of the year?
Whangarei - my new home (temporary or loing-term?) where I've already met lots of great people!

Hair shorter or longer?
Slowly letting it grow again.

More short- or near-sighted??
Still short-sighted.

Spent or gained more money?
Definitely spent more just by coming to New Zealand.

Fallen in love?
Positively! *kiss* to you know who you are...

Drink of the year?

Food of the year?
Fresh scallops and oysters.

Spent the best times with...?
Finishing the season with my soccer girls - GO TUB!!! Still having heaps of fun with all my friends here in NZ.

Spent most time with...?
My host family :-)

Song of the year?
Leonard Cohen - In my secret life.

Book of the year?
Warum die nettesten Männer die schrecklichsten Frauen haben (Sherry Argov).

Movie of the year?

Concert of the year?
Leonard Cohen and Bon Jovi in Auckland.

TV-show of the year?
Haven't been watching much this year.

Realization of the year?
Home is where your heart is.

Three things I could have lived without?
There are a few things I would definitely put on the list - but then those are things that brought me where I am now. And I am happy. So all is good :-)

Neighbor of the year?
Family Günther :-) Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card!

Best idee/decision of the year?
Quitting my job, selling my stuff and coming to New Zealand.

Worst thing that happened?
Getting an email from my brother telling my my grandma is at the hospital - intensive care!!! Thank God she's well again. Love you, Oma!!!

Best thing that happened?
I'm enjoying life again :-)

2010 in one word?

Looking ahead

Resolutions for 2011?
Stop hurting myself! Too many injuries and accidents towards the end of the year... Want to do sports more regularly.

What's on the agenda for 2011?
Travel New Zealand and find a way how to stay in this beautiful country long-term. My mom and brother are coming over in March/April - would love to show them some of the places I've seen and make them see why I don't want to come back.

What do you want to change?
Not much right now. I'm pretty happy with the way things are =D (Wow when did I actually say that last?!?)

What do you want to stay the same?
I hope friends and family stay in good health and have a great year 2011!!!


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